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It boggles my mind why people have more than one credit card. Is one not enough to buy all the stuff
they need? Do they want to get points from different airlines? Do they want that one-time 5 percent
discount from their favorite retailer?
There are so many small, short-term incentives to have multiple credit cards. Remember that the
benefits are small and short term. It’s not worth the potential long-term debt to succumb to the
promotions of the credit card companies.
Some people believe credit cards are status symbols (see the person who has five credit cards, and
they’re all Platinum level). I don’t get it: Since when is having more debt something to aspire to? Be
proud you have only one credit card.
Having one credit card makes it easy to keep track of your debt (which you won’t have if you follow
the principles in this book). Better yet, forego a credit card and just use a debit card. A debit card
will do everything a credit card does, except one thing: It won’t get you in debt!

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