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You know from the previous principle that all mutual funds have fees (they vary depending on the
fund). However, not all mutual funds have sales fees.
No-load mutual funds are those that do not charge a sales fee. Load mutual funds include a sales fee
(anywhere from 1 percent to about 7 percent). Some funds charge this fee because they believe their
fund managers are more effective than others at developing a better mutual fund portfolio.
Just about everything I have seen over the past twenty-five years has proven that you aren’t getting
extra investment performance when you pay a sales fee. In fact, most no-load mutual funds have
performed more effectively than their loaded counterparts.
So, my nonprofessional advice is to save your money and don’t pay sales fees for mutual funds.
Maximize your investment by letting all your money work for you.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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