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Anywhere Exercises

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What do you do when you don’t even have a 20-30 minute block of time to
The answer is to do a bunch of mini exercise sessions which add up over the
course of a day and week. This could mean simply doing a set of pushups
during a minute break at work.
But of course this requires knowing which exercises you can do anytime,
I’ve found that, with the exception of the back, you can work out most major
muscle groups through a full range of motion with a few basic body weight
exercises and no equipment.
But even if you can’t do these exercises, you can still do a form of isometric
resistance exercise anywhere. While not as ideal, isometric exercises can
provide a stimulus to the muscles to maintain and increase strength with the
benefit of not needing much if any equipment. Videos for exercises can be
found through
Anywhere Leg Exercises:
Bodyweight Squats
Step Ups (on chair)
Glute Bridge
Single Leg Box Squats
Calf Raises
Isometric Deadlift – Find an immovable object, bend down into a semisquat
position and attempt to lift up (like deadlifting) with as much force as
possible for 5-10 seconds. One may use a car as an example.
Wall Squat Holds
Anywhere Ab Exercises:
Lying Leg Raises
Bicycle Crunches
Planks and Side Planks
Anywhere Pushing Exercises:
Pushups with legs elevated
Closer grip pushups
Pushups with hands near hips
Handstand Pushups with legs against wall
One Arm
Tuck Planche Pushups
Planche Pushups
Anywhere Back Exercises (Requires Resistance Bands):
Resistance band pull
Resistance band rows
Isometric Pull – find an immovable object that you can grip and pull on
from any direction.
Self-Resistance Home Workout –

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