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Exhibiting these three characteristics will guarantee that you will never get fired from a job (thus
guaranteeing you lifetime employment and lifetime income). Let me explain:
Passion—The most important job interview question I ask people is “What is something you are
passionate about?” If an individual can carry this passion to the job, there is no doubt he or she will
succeed. People want to be around those who are positive and passionate. The passion they exude
gets them beyond roadblocks that impede others on their way to success.
Politeness—Saying, “Please” and “Thank you” will get you far in life. It sounds silly, but, believe
me, it’s true. Don’t take others for granted; instead, make them feel appreciated. I promise you three
things: Showing appreciation will make others feel good, it will make you feel good, and it will help
you out professionally. It’s amazing how many people forget about this in their professional lives.
Persistence—Half the battle is showing up every day and putting your best effort behind what you’re
doing. If you try your hardest all the time, no one will ever fire you, and as a result, you will find
yourself in an economically secure place.
At the beginning of this principle, I said following this principle would guarantee you would never
get fired. In fact, if you follow this principle, you will be amazed at how successful you will end up.
And, the more successful you are, the more likely you are to have money to manage by the principles
of this book.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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