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Are Healthy Foods Hurting Your Body?

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There are several reasons why I don’t recommend a one-size-fits-all diet plan.
And one of those reasons is because there are many foods that can be genuinely
healthy, but be absolutely terrible for certain people.
I’m not talking about what foods are “always” bad for a certain body type,
genetic profile, or even fitness goals. I’m talking about an issue that, while
gaining more popularity, is something the vast majority of the population never
even considers.
That issue is food intolerances.
Gluten (found in wheat, rye, barley, and some other grains), casein and lactose
(found in milk products), soy, and eggs are extremely common intolerances.
Intolerances to things like gluten in particular can cause damage to the digestive
system resulting in inflammation.
What many people don’t realize is that an intolerance can develop in individuals
who, at one point, could handle the foods just fine. So just because a person
does fine eating eggs every single day for a few years on end doesn’t mean they
can’t eventually develop an intolerance towards them.
Symptoms can include mucous build up, digestive upset, skin rashes, and
numerous other symptoms which can be so subtle, a person may not even realize
their symptoms until they stop eating the food. To make things trickier, the
symptoms may be delayed by up to a day or more after eating the problem food.
One reason food intolerances may develop is that the body needs a variety of
foods. Our ancestors would have eaten different produce based on the season
and different meats depending on what they were able to hunt for the day. We
also need a variety of nutrients that no one particular food can meet, outside of
perhaps just a few exceptional superfoods.
While there are certain foods that are fine to consume on a near daily basis,
particularly those that lack protein (allergies are reactions to proteins), it’s a good
practice to rotate the foods you eat.
For some, this could mean switching up the foods you eat each day. For other, it
could simply mean if you’ve been relying on a particular type of food for a
while, such as chicken for protein, to switch it up for a while to something like
If you suspect a food intolerance, try eliminating the most common problem
foods for a while such as dairy, wheat, nuts, and soy for a couple weeks. Then
gradually reintroduce foods to see how your body responds. You can also see a
qualified specialist to get a proper elimination diet and testing.

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