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Mark my words: At some point in your life, you will know you are absolutely right to sue somebody.
Unless the financial gain is significant (at least $100,000), walk away (or quickly settle out of court).
Even if the financial gain is significant, before you decide to pursue the matter, you need to take into
account the time and energy required to win the lawsuit.
I come from a family of attorneys, and every one of them recommends avoiding lawsuits. It rarely
makes economic sense to sue somebody. More often than not, attorneys will eat up more money than
you stand to gain in the lawsuit. This is usually not a fault of theirs. It’s because the client wants to
win at all costs.
At least twice, I have clearly been “right” and knew I would ultimately (years later) win my lawsuit.
However, I decided against initiating the lawsuit. I made the correct decision that the money, time,
and energy spent outweighed the potential dollars gained by pursuing the lawsuit. In fact, settling out
of court can result in a more favorable financial settlement for you.
The same goes the other way. If it looks as if someone is going to initiate a lawsuit with you, attempt
to settle it before the other party takes legal action. If both parties can think rationally instead of
emotionally, both sides will find a way to benefit.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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