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Bitcoin (BTC)

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Price at time of writing – $4,070.13
Available on:
Fiat: Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken
The coin that started it all is now one of the world’s premiere assets. Sitting at a
market cap of over $67 billion, the coin is worth more than global companies
such as PayPal. We’ve already discussed Bitcoin in depth previously, so this
section will discuss it for investing purposes.
With the price now sitting at a staggering $4,000 per coin, many commentators
have claimed that owning Bitcoin is out of reach for the regular investor, but
that’s a stance I disagree with.
First of all, we have to remember that cryptocurrencies are not like regular
stocks, in that they are divisible. So if you wanted to invest in Bitcoin, you don’t
have to purchase an entire coin. You can buy fractions of the coin so even if you
only have $100, you can still get started in the cryptocurrency market.
Secondly, Bitcoin’s role as a form of “digital gold” continues to make it the
world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. It also makes Bitcoin ideal to hold as part
of your portfolio as many other currencies price movements are linked to it.
Another reason why any portfolio should contain Bitcoin is that if you want to
purchase some of the lesser known cryptocurrencies, you will have to do so via
exchanging them for Bitcoin as opposed to buying them outright for fiat

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