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Unfortunately, most people take a cursory glance at their bill and pay it. Or, worse, now with
automatic pay from your checking account, you don’t even look at your bill. Please be careful. This is
an expensive habit to get into.
In today’s mail, I received three bills that in total overcharged me by $230! Two of these bills were
health care bills that most individuals would have missed.
Many bills from a doctor come two months (or more) after the service, and you don’t realize your
insurance carrier covered a larger portion of the cost than you already paid the physician. Thus, the
physician owes you money for your overpayment at the time of service (two months ago). Believe me,
the doctor’s office won’t be calling to tell you that you overpaid. This isn’t because the office is
unethical. It’s because its billing service, located in a different city, may not be set up to handle the
You need to look over more than just your health care bills. Examine every single one of your bills.
Last month, my auto insurance company overbilled me by $150. If I hadn’t read through the details
carefully, I would have missed it.
On average, I save over $1,000 annually by reviewing each of my bills in detail. I hope you’re
saying, “What’s the big deal? I already do this.” If so, that’s great; continue doing so.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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