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I find it amazing that many people think coupons are too much trouble to use. It is even more amazing
that many others believe they look cheap if they use coupons.
If a company gives you a $1 bill or in some cases $20 or $100 for using its product, are you cheap for
using this product? Or do you look like an idiot for not taking the money and using the product?
Believe it or not, fewer than 3 percent of people use coupons!
I use coupons now, and I used them when I was making a significant amount of money. I especially
used them when I was just starting out. It is truly unbelievable to see how much money you can save
using coupons. One year, I saved over $5,000 with coupons. During an average week, coupons save
me over $50.
From haircuts, to groceries, to restaurants, to oil changes, to home services, and more, there is always
a coupon that saves you money on stuff you are already buying. You just need to Google coupons,
discounts, and incentives on the Internet.
Go on a restaurant’s website before dining out. Chances are, you will save yourself some money.
Don’t let a Sunday go by without cutting coupons from the newspaper. Don’t throw away the coupon
mailings you get without looking at them.
More importantly, don’t buy products just because they are discounted. Only use coupons or buy
advertised discounted products that you would have purchased anyway. Otherwise, you’re not really
saving money because you really didn’t want or need the product.
Don’t be embarrassed to use coupons, and don’t think they’re not worth it. It’s an incredible feeling to
do something so easy and to know you’re saving money. Use coupons wisely and you’ll save enough
money to pay your annual cell phone bill.

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