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Dirt Cheap Dumbbells

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Even though I work out at a gym, there were times where I found myself unable
to go because the gym was closed or I was short on time. This led me to looking
into home workouts that I could do to stay strong, and I developed some
innovative ways to get in a great workout with just my body weight.
But some muscles, like the back and biceps, are virtually impossible to work
without some sort of external equipment like weights, a pullup bar, or resistance
Since I didn’t want to invest in setting up an entire home gym full of dumbbells
and barbells for the occasional home workouts, I utilized a few simple things to
work these muscles such as using a pullup bar, gymnastic rings, a rope to climb,
resistance bands, and the thing I’m about to reveal to you now – dirt cheap
Dirt cheap dumbbells are found many stores, but for some reason they don’t stick
them in the sporting goods section. They’re actually more common in grocery
stores than anywhere else.
These “dumbbells” are nothing more than the 1-5 gallon water containers/jugs.
They range in price from $1-$7, they’re adjustable in weight, and they offer a
unique type of resistance that really challenges the muscles due to the moving of
the water. I like to find the kind that have handles that are easy to grip and move
around. You may have to shop around for a kind that are comfortable for use.
Water jug to weight conversion:
1/2 gallon = 4 pounds
1 gallon = 8 pounds
2 gallons = 16 pounds
2.5 gallons = 20 pounds
3 gallons = 24
If I had a budget, then just getting a couple 1 and 2.5 gallon water containers
would be all I need to get in a good workout. For the smaller containers, I’ll
usually drink the water, then replace it with tap water for use as a weight. For
larger jugs, I use my stockpile water that I have for emergencies so I’m actually
not spending extra money to get these.
Great exercises for water jug dumbbells are (simply swap out water jugs for
Back and Biceps
Water Jug Rows:
Water Jug Bicep Curls:
Use the next two exercises if water jugs aren’t enough resistance for rows.
Water Jug Straight Arm Rows:
Water Jug Rear Deltoid Raise:
Chest and Triceps
Water Jug Floor Flys:
Water Jug Overhead Tricep Extensions:
If water jugs are too light for overhead extensions, use kickbacks.
Water Jug Tricep
Water Jug Shoulder Press:
Use Y shoulder press if water jugs are too light for regular shoulder press:
Water Jug
Water Jug Lateral Raises For The Delts:
Water Jug Goblet
Water Jug Lunge:
Water Jug Step Up: (Trick to stepups,
lift the toes of the foot on the floor upwards to increase stress on the
working leg that is elevated)

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