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Avoid multi-level marketing programs like the plague. I guarantee that at some point (actually, it will
happen more than once) you will be approached by someone (most likely a friend, colleague, or even
a family member) who has a “ground-floor, ground-breaking opportunity for you.” This will come in
the form of a presentation offering you a tremendous amount of money for selling a product that “sells
itself” because of its product attributes.
In fact, money is made in these multi-level marketing programs by recruiting others (who recruit
others) to sell the products. For some people, I’m sure it works. For the vast majority, it becomes a
wasted investment, wasted time, and even a loss of friendships (as you try to recruit others).
Please do not spend any time, energy, or financial resources on multi-level marketing programs.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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