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Firing Yourself How To Screw Up The Perfect Job

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Do you hate your job? Do you wake up every Monday sick to your stomach because you have to begin another week spending the majority of your time with people you do not like doing a task that you despise? You are not alone. The majority of people in our world look at their jobs simply as a means to an end: a way to pay the bills. More brave souls are doing what they have dreamed of for years: they are quitting their jobs, thumbing their noses up at the corporate world, and starting out on their own. They are becoming their own bosses. Unfortunately, the majority of them bask in their freedom to a point that kills their newfound independence, and essentially, they screw up the perfect job. Doing so takes very little effort.

First and foremost, those who move from the once employed to the self-employed field believe they have moved from the corporate world to retirement. They roll around in their newfound freedom like a 65-year-old who just left his retirement party. They sleep in, hang around the house in their pajamas until noon, and then start work around 1 pm. The same disciplines which make an employee successful will make an employer successful. Even self-employed individuals must maintain a schedule with their home based business work. Doing so will discipline them to complete the necessary tasks for the day and ultimately earn that dollar they so badly need.

Secondly, the freedom-inebriated worker forgets the need to work even when he does not feel like working. Typically a newly self-employed individual has sought his current home based business work because of burnout at his former job. He wants the freedom to do what he wants when he wants instead of bowing down to a boss. In every job a worker must bow down to something. The self-employed worker bows down to the pressure of turning a profit. When a person only works when he wants to, he may find himself a dollar short of turning on the electricity at the end of the month. Essentially, he is firing himself from his dream.

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Maintaining a schedule not only prevents the under-ambitious from failing, but it prevents the over-ambitious from burnout. Successful owners of a home based business work know indeed how to work hard. Sometimes they neglect other obligations such as family and friends. Ultimately, they find themselves wrapped up in only one world: their job. Within a short amount of time, this individual has buried his own dreams with his inability to stop and enjoy the life which he is working so hard to create. Thus a schedule will help him maintain a balance.

Home based business work fails when clients cannot find a business owner. Those who do not maintain regular office hours will lose clients, and their business will fail. Instead, the self-employed individual working from home must not just post regular business hours, but he must maintain them so that his clients know when they can contact him.

There’s nothing worse than the death of a dream, especially when the dreamer kills his own dream. Essentially, remember that what makes an employee successful will also make a business owner successful will prevent this death and infuse life into a worker’s dreams.

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