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Fitting In When You Are Unhappy With Your Job

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Dave, 25, seemed to be on the top of the world. After four years and four jobs, he feels unappreciated. He thinks his boss is not exactly an admirable leader. He’s having a hard time working side-by-side with his associates, which he finds exemplifying poor attitude and work ethics. He knows he can do better than most, he can think out of the box, but the management treats him just like any faceless statistic in their payroll.

For months, he felt like a robot showing up for work. He had bouts of depression every now and then. He was desperate and can’t seem to get out in the account of a pregnant wife. Still he dreams that there is a perfect job for him out there.

There are lot of people like Dave unhappily stuck with their jobs. Being unsatisfied with work is one of the primary causes of stress and anxiety. After all, for others, work is the place where they can be fulfilled financially and professionally. However, if that job does not provide these basic needs, they bury themselves in other things like being with their families and close friends or taking up a hobby. For some, drastic measures come in the form of alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and even taking illicit drugs.

It’s not easy as it may seem

You do have the power be successful and prosper in your career. All you have to do is just bring back the passion that you have lost along the way. Passion is always there but because of your expectations, it is buried somewhere layers upon layers of doubts and fears that is preventing in unleashing your potential. Fears like being criticized, being unloved, poor health, old age, getting poor etc…

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Take it slowly and start to unearth your passion. Sometimes, we need to realize that we can overcome this and lead to more satisfying job or career. It would help before you make any move like Dave that you write it down what you really wanted and from there you can have the courage to go find a new job. But don’t just simply hop on the next available job offer or vacancy. It might turn out to be a mismatch and you just wasted your time.

You can make the change

So you’re current job is not all bed and roses. But you do have a choice. You know deep down you can choose your boss, position and salary. You have the power to create the life you wanted if you take control. With knowing how to get what you want, and getting what you really long for, then you can deal better with stress…and stress management will be a lot easier. One thing you must also remember that if you’re thinking of transferring jobs or changing a career, there is no such thing as a perfect setting. But when you find a work that you really love to do, everything can fall into places.

Read good books

Reading leadership, self-help and inspirational books will help you overcome feelings of negativity and cope up with your present situation. As getting enough knowledge will be beneficial for you to grow personally and be a success in your business and in work. Stay focus and keep in touch with your networks as they can also aid you on getting a better job. Know your passion—-your real passion that will truly make you happy and from there…it follows.

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