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You may think you can do your own taxes because there isn’t much to them. Often, you are correct.
However, it isn’t expensive to hire an accountant for a simple tax return, and you will need one as
your income and assets grow.
Here are some things to consider when selecting an accountant:
1. Degrees—You definitely want an accountant who is a CPA.
2. Age/experience—You want someone who has several years’ experience but who is
young enough to do your taxes for many years to come.
3. References/reputation—Call a few of the people who use the accountant’s services.
4. Availability—Make sure you can get appointments and services completed in a timely
5. Fees—Ask this upfront so you’re not surprised later on (and compare the fees with what
other accountants in the area charge).
If you can find an accountant you can use for many years, he or she will grow with you and help you
maximize your before-tax dollars. Initially, the accountant may not save you much, but as your income
grows, this person will know how to save you taxes by recommending effective strategies.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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