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The fact is 99 percent of millionaires earned their money over time. Very few became millionaires
overnight. We all have heard about the exceptions—lottery winners and those who inherit a big sum,
to name a couple. It’s important to remember that these individuals are the exception.
You also need to realize that it wasn’t just happenstance for the individuals who built their net worth
over time. Most of them started with a little money (or no money) and little knowledge of how to
make it. Just like you, they started work out of school and started earning a little money.
Over time, their income grew; they saved more money, invested more money, and learned a little
more about personal money management. They made both good and bad money management
decisions. They didn’t “live large,” but they lived well. They didn’t care about conspicuous
consumption but cared that they received the best value for their money.
Whether they realized it or not, they developed their own principles of personal money management
and followed them on their slow journey to wealth. It’s important here to realize that you need to
enjoy the journey. If you work solely for the almighty dollar and ultimate wealth, you may find
yourself waking up and realizing all that you have to show for your journey is wealth.
So, enjoy the journey to wealth. It’s slow, but if you do it properly, you will realize that the rewards
involve more than just money.

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