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There are many cryptocurrency exchanges available that everyone has a chance
to find the one that best suits their needs. With that in mind, I want to clarify
some issues regarding registration on cryptocurrency exchanges.
When getting registered on an exchange, I definitely recommend turning on twofactor
authentication (identification). Even if you are already registered, I
recommend that you use this.
I advise you to create an account on at least two exchanges; if something
happens to one, you will be able to close the orders on another one. Be sure to
use Bittrex if you decide to trade altcoins. Select another one by yourself.
Your password must contain at least ten characters: uppercase letters, lowercase
letters, and numbers. Do not count on being able to remember it even if your
password is the simplest combination of letters in the world. Therefore, be sure
to write it down on paper and hide it somewhere safe. You can even make
yourself a password tattoo, but you must write it down somewhere, either on
your body or on paper! The second rule is not to use this password anywhere
else except for the exchange. You must have a separate email for each account
on the exchange. If one of your email accounts is hacked and wrongdoers try to
get into your account on the exchange, your other account will remain safe.
Do not forget to check your email when depositing or withdrawing money from
the exchange. These transactions must be confirmed via e-mail.
Last but not least: if you take the risk of trading on the cryptocurrency exchange,
you need to gear up for the fact that a hacker (or even an exchange owner) may
steal your money at any time. Any exchange may also crash. Therefore, it is very
dangerous to hold money on the exchange. I advise you to only keep money you
trade with on the exchange and to store the rest in cold wallets.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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