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You may think you don’t have anything valuable when you begin your life’s journey—certainly
nothing that needs to be put in a safe, since you have little or no money. Well, think again.
Even during your first couple of years as a young adult, you will begin accumulating documents that
are irreplaceable. If they aren’t irreplaceable, then it may be a significant hassle or expense to
replace them.
The items to be put in your safe include these:
▪ Birth certificate
▪ Social Security card
▪ Stock and bond certificates
▪ Insurance policies
▪ Car title
▪ Home title
▪ Financial and tax records (computer backup)
▪ Important personal items (jewelry, photos, etc.)
Besides having the security of the safe, putting everything important in one place makes it much easier
to manage your life. You can use the safe as a catchall for the most valuable items you own.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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