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Now it’s time to take a look at some of the most important information I have to
offer you, namely cryptocurrency investment strategies. Grab a notebook and a
pen, and let’s dive in.


I call the first investment strategy The Way of the Samurai or Just Buy Bitcoin.
So, following this strategy, you only need to buy Bitcoin.
This strategy is good in all respects. It is simple to implement, and you will not
have to delve into the subtleties of economic or technical concepts.
You might make the biggest profit using this strategy. Nevertheless, this strategy
has its risks, which I’ll explain in a bit.
Here I suggest that you buy a certain amount of different coins among the top 10
best cryptocurrencies for today. In other words, you will buy several market
leaders. The coins, whose price will skyrocket, will compensate for the losses
provoked by the failure of the other coins.
This strategy also implies huge risks. Nothing can protect you from the fact that
seemingly stable coins thus far can considerably fall down in value next year.
You should remember that right now there are no fundamental grounds
protecting Bitcoin from failing, which, for example, may be provoked by the
inability to withstand the competition of other coins. This is a very real
possibility if only because Bitcoin is one of the technically weakest
Therefore, if you do not want to become a hostage of circumstance, do not place
your bets on just one currency as I did five years ago. I want to share this story
with you. Let me tell you about the most expensive night of my life, which cost
me $60,000.
So how did I manage to spend such a big sum of money in one night? It’s
actually quite simple. One fine evening, I decided to relax with my mates in a
small town where my friend lived. We went to a bar, famous for the most
delicious fish and stunning cocktails in town. Back then, I followed the price of
the currency I bought earlier (Bitcoin) several times a day. I had noticed it was
going down every hour. For some reason, I wasn’t very upset when my cell
phone battery died, and I could not check the Bitcoin price on the exchange. I
believed the matter could wait until later.
I ended up losing more than $60,000 on the exchange during the three hours we
had fun at the bar.
If I had been less dismissive of the dying phone and had access to the
cryptocurrency exchange, I could have had the opportunity to sell the currency
before incurring such devastating losses. I will definitely remember that night in
the bar for the rest of my life.
Many people think of trading as analysis, patterns, and technical modeling, but
the trader’s work is actually a subjective assessment of what is happening in the
The first thing good traders should do, besides drinking a glass of whiskey
(grin), is to predict what cryptocurrencies will grow in the market. After that,
traders need to predict the best point for entering the market. What’s next? They
should continue making forecasts of when coin prices will start to fall.
However, the most important part of trading is having a colossal amount of
experience and even a little bit of luck. A trader must also repeat all the above
actions constantly. This is the problem because everything does not always work
out well, whereas the risks have to be assumed all the time.
That is why, in my opinion, trading suits people with an engineering mentality,
who have a lot of time, and, most importantly, are strong in spirit.
You only need computer equipment to implement this strategy. What’s next?
You plug it into a socket and wait for money to enter your pocket.
What do you get money for? As I previously mention, miners get rewards for
providing the network with computing capacities. The network rewards miners
with coins for their equipment and work.
If you want to learn how to get started in mining, make sure you download a
bonus book, Cryptocurrency Mining.
Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market offers more opportunities for active
investors. This kind of strategy suits you if you have a lot of free time (and
money), enough experience, and you want to make big and swift profits.
Although this strategy is very profitable, it is also very risky, especially for
The principle thing of ICO strategy, which I also call startups, is as follows. The
cryptocurrency economy has come up with a very simple way for people who
have innovative and interesting ideas to fund their projects. They no longer need
to pound the pavement, begging and convincing big companies of the
profitability of investing in their idea. Now these inventors and developers
simply share a proposal on their website. If you’re interested in their idea, you
publish the address of your wallet to receive tokens if this idea proves to be a
success. The risk is that you have to invest money right now for a potential
reward in the future.
In the past, the rules of the game with ICOs were quite simple. I give you one
dollar, and you give me two tokens, Now some ICOs go to absurd lengths.
Generally speaking, after have you invested in ICO, it may turn out that you can
exchange their tokens only on Friday at midnight at the full moon and only if
you are a mermaid with a blue tail. Maybe my example is obviously a bit of an
exaggeration, but it perfectly demonstrates the opacity of the rules of most
startups (ICOs).
If it was not very difficult to find a grain of truth among the variety of ICOs half
a year ago (since only a few of them appeared in a week, and they could be
easily analyzed), now new ICOs appear almost every hour, and you have no time
to examine them all.
What would I advise a newbie who is tempted to try his luck with ICOs?
First of all, you need to have a good handle on the business niche which you are
going to invest in. If you are savvy in it, you can analyze it and understand if it
has prospects for success. I also advise you to listen to what experienced
investors and experts say and pay less attention to what is written on the ICO’s
website. I would even say that you should not invest in any ICO that is not
mentioned in at least three professional analytical reports from recognized
If you know a thing or two about the exchange trade, the notion of penny stocks
should definitely be familiar to you. Roughly speaking, these are shares of the
company that nobody needs. However, these shares have one feature: they are so
cheap that nothing prevents them from shooting up tenfold in value. Such a
magical leap can occur because of good news, a little market manipulation, or
any other reason.
So how can you take advantage of this strategy? You buy the oddest and more
obscure coins and then wait and see how the situation will develop. During the
year, the prices of some of your coins may skyrocket. If this happens, you should
immediately sell this currency. If you bought fifty coins, a leap in the price of
even one super-cheap coin will compensate for your entire investment portfolio.
This kind of strategy doesn’t allow you to dive deep into the principles of doing
cryptocurrency business. All you need to do is buy “garbage” and sell it in time.
However, this strategy is not my prerogative as it resembles a casino. You need
no skills or knowledge, only luck. You cannot in any way influence what
happens or manage risks as everything depends on good luck.
This strategy is right for you if you do not have experience in the cryptocurrency
business but have money to play with. However, you need to be ready to take
risks and entrust your money to strangers. The world of cryptocurrency business
is regulated by no laws, so nobody can guarantee you that a company or person
who promised to earn money for you will not take your money and take off to
some warm country.
There are a lot of companies in the market that offer profit in return for trust.
Some companies, for example, offer mining contracts to those who want to mine
but don’t have the capital to invest in all the equipment and space. This is called
cloud mining. Another type of company is cryptocurrency funds. These
companies don’t know how to mine but are good at guessing promising coins.
The third type is ICO mutual funds. These guys spend their time examining the
startups in the market, which they will later invest your money in. Finally, the
fourth option is trading. You give control of your money to someone else, who
will do the trading for you.
Now that we’ve gone over these seven investment strategies, please realize that I
Before you throw this book across the room, let me share two PERFECT
In my opinion, there are two perfect strategies.
The first one revolves around you sincerely believing in the future of
cryptocurrency. If this is you, then you should take on a few strategies of interest
to you, mix them up, and start making profit that way: by diversifying your
chances of turning a profit as well as your risks.
If deep down you don’t truly believe in the future of the cryptocurrency
business, then you should pay attention to the second perfect investment
strategy: earn money through those who do believe in the future of
I call this strategy Selling Shovels. Some people will need mining equipment
and premises, others will need funds, some will need information, and you can
make money by fulfilling their needs.

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