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Is there a Bitcoin ETF or Mutual Fund I can invest in?

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds have represented some of the
safest investments over the past few decades. Instead of investing in individual
companies, you are buying an aggregate share of many companies. By allowing
for this level of diversification, this represents a low risk use of your funds, and
for many years investors have been clamoring for a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency
fund like this due to the price volatility of individual cryptocurrencies.
Unfortunately attempts for a Bitcoin ETF have been thwarted by regulatory
bodies thus far. In 2017, two Bitcoin ETF applications were rejected by the SEC.
The reasoning from the government body was the lack of regulation and market
surveillance in the cryptocurrency space.
The closest thing to a Bitcoin mutual fund today is a diversified fund offered by based out of Russia – the fund is a combination of 16 different
cryptocurrency tokens, with Ethereum (22%) and Bitcoin (17%) representing the
largest portions of the fund. Investments can be made with both BTC and ETH
and funds are stored in Ethereum backed wallets. However, fiat currency
investments are not currently supported. The fund is backed by a smart contract
on the Ethereum platform to ensure the legitimacy of the tokens offered.
However, the main drawback of the site is that it is not available to those based
in the US or Singapore, although this may change in the future based on the
regulatory status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Once again, like any
investments you are liable to lose money in a market downturn, so only invest
money you are comfortable losing.

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