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Job advertising has never been this easy effective

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We have our ears to the ground and over 216,350 recruiters from 143+ countries have a strong YES that:
1.We will not pay for impressions or page views (sounds like last century)
2.Our business is talent sourcing and junk responses do not count
3.Our ad needs to go multi dimensional
4.We are just not happy with plain old HTML pages
5.We want ad flexibility – we refuse to stick to the same content for weeks on end
6.We do not want our precious job orders to be end up in a clutter basket

Plus, a 100% satisfaction guaranteed for your ad spends at

What are you waiting for? Choose from:
2.Fasttrack Recrooter
3.Hot postings

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Choose your slide position, value add with your photos, voice and video. Reach out like never before.

What are you waiting for? GoRecroot > Go Revenue > Go Balistic

What is in it for me – Recrooter?
a) Sign up in 10 seconds – FREE
b) Job order posting in 30 seconds – FREE
c) Walk in interview posting – Fast, Easy and FREE
d) Intellifit jobs to resume, sourcing and mapping
e) Fast, Easy and Effective: job order creation wizard
f) Job advertisement products for talent sourcing – easy micro payments
g) Revolutionary web partnership – global recruiting
h) Generate revenue from your resume archives
i) Photo, Voice, video – know your target jobber better
j) Mobile comprehensive business features, SMS on the go
k) Interview scheduling and contact management tool kit
l) Recrooter contest, fabulous prizes
m) Progressive community for business collaboration
n) Membership and reward points
o) Coming soon – Events, Contests, Business networking

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