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Learn 100 Ways To Make Money Online

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10. Employee Referral:
Many companies will offer referral bonuses for people who can recruit excellent new
employees for their organization.
If you know a lot of people or have relationships with recruiters, this can be an easy
way to earn some extra cash.
You can also find potential prospects for companies by using the internet.
In order for you to become an employee referrer, here are some steps you can
 More companies do have employee referral programs than don’t, which
means you have a lot of opportunity to help employees find potential jobs. If
you’re unsure if a company offers a referral program, give them a call and
ask. You may want to start with your own company, if you currently have a
 Find out if the people in your network are looking for jobs.
 Go on freelancing sites like,, and, and
check out the profiles of people there. Communicate with people that sound
good, and see if they’d be interested in getting more regular work.
 Refer people to HR of the company you work with or other company that
you’re recommending them for. You will get paid if they get hired.
 You can also try to build up a relationship with external recruiters. If you can
do this, then you can get a list of current job openings from them. This can be
incredibly lucrative.
How much can I make out of being an employee referrer?
 Bonuses are anywhere from $50 to the $1000’s of dollars. A lot of this
depends on the type of position (the stronger the qualifications needed, the
higher the referral bonus) as well as the company you’re working with.
11. Become a website or domain broker
There are a lot of people interested in buying people’s sites. They would like to buy
sites so that they can own established websites without having to do the work on
their own, or they see profit potential on sites, and so on and so forth.
A lot of people would love to sell their sites, too… but don’t know how.
As a website broker, you can connect buyers and sellers to each other and take a
percentage of the sale for making the introductions.
In order for you to become a website broker, here are some steps you can
 Create a website outlining the basics of what you do. As you get buyers and
sellers interested, update the website with what buyers are looking for and
what sellers have. Don’t put seller’s site details on your website, otherwise
buyers can go around you to bypass your commission. Just put general
 Start finding people interested in buying or selling their sites. You can find
these people by going on existing sites for buying and selling such as,, or Even if people are already
listed on one website, it doesn’t mean they don’t want additional help.
 Don’t give out site details to buyers until you get them to sign paperwork
saying that they won’t go around you, sign a noncompete, and so forth.
 When a deal is made, collect a percentage of the profits.
How much can I make out of being a website broker?
 You can make anywhere from $100 to the millions of dollars, depending on
how valuable a site and/or domain is.

12. Start A Forum Posting Website:
As stated before, many webmasters want people to post in their forums. A lot of
times they will hire just one person, but at other times, they want a lot of people to go
in at once, but don’t feel like hiring a lot of individual people.
If you can pool up 5-10 forum posters yourself, you can provide a “one-stop” service
where a webmaster can pay you and you can then go out and pay people
In order for you to start a forum posting website, here are some steps you can
 Create a website advertising your services.
 You can hire forum posters from any of the freelancing sites or by looking on
forums where people are interested in working, such as work-at-home mom
How much can I make out of having a forum posting company?
 Obviously a lot will depend on what you charge and how much you have to
pay your employees, but you can easily make $100/day by doing this after
getting enough clients.
13. Referral Exchange Programs:
There are many independent programmers who take a lot of work from clients.
There are times when they have too much work to do and can’t take on new
projects, and so they have to pass on new jobs.
You can create relationships with these people in order to take their excess work,
and then either outsource it or do it yourself.
On the other hand, if you have too much work to handle. you can refer it to other
people and charge them fees for your references.
No matter which way you decide to do this, you can profit.
In order for you to do a referral exchange, here are some steps you can take:
 Get yourself registered in referral exchange forums
 Find people that are able to take last minute work
 Find people that are in your industry and regularly accepting freelance work
 Decide on rates that you will pay people that give you work, and rates you will
charge for outsourcing work
 Make sure to do a great job and to only refer people you trust, so that you can
continue doing this without worry of hurting your reputation.
How much money can I make out of referral exchange?
 The profits will change based on how much you charge for referring work, as
well as what you pay people for giving you references. You also have to
account for how much you charge to do the actual work. You can easily make
$100 a day doing this though, once you build up your partner base.

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