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When I say this, I don’t mean marry a financial genius or someone who is wealthy. Marry someone
who has good financial habits. This personal quality is often ignored during the “courting” process. In
fact, you are usually trying to impress the opposite sex with expensive dinners, extravagant dates, and
impressive presents.
If you can’t afford something when you’re dating, you most likely won’t be able to afford it when
you’re married. Show your partner who you really are financially, and make sure he or she shows you
who he or she is before marriage. Don’t surprise your partner by changing your financial habits when
you’re married (and ask the same of your spouse). At that point, it will cause significant issues.
Money is one of the biggest things couples fight about.
Talk about your “money philosophy.” Are you a saver? Is she a spender? Do you believe in debt? Do
you want to own a home? What are your assets? What is her salary? Does she owe money? What are
the credit histories and credit scores for both of you? Does she have a budget and adhere to it?
These are easy questions to answer but not so easy to ask. They are so important, though. You need to
have full disclosure of your past, present, and future financial lives. You will learn not only a lot
about your potential future spouse but quite a bit about yourself.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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