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Most people skip this or skim through the manual. However, it contains valuable information that will
save you both time and money. Here are just a couple examples:
1. Tire pressure—The manual will tell you the proper pressure at which to keep your
tires. If you do this (and check your tire pressure monthly), then you will save yourself
hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars over the life of your car. Proper tire inflation
saves you gas money (better mileage) and wear and tear on the car. Additionally, it may
save your life by preventing a highway blowout.
2. Oil changes—Many people assume their oil needs to be changed every three thousand
miles. That’s simply not true; your manual will tell you exactly how often to change
your oil. In many cases, your car will also tell you when an oil change is needed.
Just as with many other areas covered in this book, spending just an hour or so can save you hundreds
of dollars. Please heed my advice to invest your time wisely.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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