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Clearly, the Internet helps you here. There is no reason to go from store to store comparing prices.
Save time, gas, and money by looking on the Internet. If you find a better price at a store far from you,
call your local store and let management know what you found. It is very likely the store will match
or beat that price.
If you frequent a specific restaurant and the competitor is across the street, ask the manager for a
“frequent diner” discount. I’ve done this at my favorite pizzeria, and the owner not only gives me a
discount but sometimes throws in a freebie.
Whenever you are doing work on your home, get two to three estimates and play them off each other.
The time and energy you spend here will save you tens of thousands of dollars during your lifetime. I
recently saved $2,000 on an air conditioning system by doing just that. See how much the price comes
down when you offer to pay cash (make sure you wait until the company has given you its original
I advise you to make a game out of adhering to these last two principles. Keep track of how much you
save in year one. In subsequent years, try to improve on your savings consistently. You will be
amazed at how much you save.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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