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Show Your Versatility – It s The MCP Way

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So what is the big deal with being a Microsoft Certified Professional also known as MCP? Is it the cachet of having some extra letters behind your name on your resume? Well, if you are into that sort of thing, sure. However, letting potential employers know about that Microsoft certification could open some doors for you in your quest for a new job.

Taking MCP courses and passing MCP exams for your certification is perhaps the best and only way to let prospective bosses know that you grasp and thoroughly understand the most up to date technology and products to come from Microsoft. Without going through formal MCP training, you would have a pretty tough time relaying your knowledge to your current manager or future employers. They like to see those formal little letters like MCP on your resume. These employers seem to trust that a Microsoft certification.

So who typically goes through the MCP courses? The answer: Individuals who are most likely to need a broad range of technological knowledge. This could be salesman pushing software or other technical products. Consultants, product designers and even trainers can benefit as an MCP. Even people with other certifications like the MCSE benefit. They are usually network administrators and engineers or technicians providing support to end-users. Your MCP training in the MCP courses will show proficiency with one Microsoft operating system like Windows 2000 or Window XP.

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The cool thing about the MCP is that you have to pass just one certification test from current Microsoft material. That means you cannot test on anything outdated. And one caveat is that the test cannot be on networking basics. This still leaves the field wide open on any number of MCP exams to choose from. Does your company have SQL database servers? Perhaps you might consider one of several exams on designing or administering SQL servers.

Maybe your dream job entails e-commerce or web site design. Take a look into MCP training in the topic of site servers or commerce servers. If you are customer service minded, take MCP exams in troubleshooting desktop systems for users or supporting mail servers. Keep in mind that experts in the technology sector help develop these exams, so you will be tested on the latest and greatest in technology.

When you get an MCP, you are showing your technological versatility. There are also advantages that come with passing those MCP exams. You are updated with the latest information through newsletters and you will also get invitations to special round table groups, training classes and conferences. This is also a perfect networking tool!

Just considering a Microsoft certification is the step in the right direction for your career. With an MCP, view it as the liberal arts degree in certifications. You can specialize with a major in MCSE or MCSD. But to take that first step, the MCP is the way to go.

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