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You can spend this hour on personal finance in several ways. If you consistently do this, you will find
yourself spending more than that one hour. Once you realize you’re gaining so much valuable
information and becoming significantly more educated in an important area, you won’t be able to
So, where should you spend your time and energy? Start with free resources. Here are a few to
▪ The Internet—There is enough free personal finance information on the Internet to
provide you with in-depth information in all areas I’ve discussed in this book and
▪ The library—The local library has sections with a significant number of books in this
▪ Your company—See if your company offers any seminars, and take advantage of them.
▪ Find a mentor—People enjoy helping others. Seek out individuals who are financially
savvy. Develop a list of questions and ask them for an hour of their time. It could result
in hours of free advice over time.
▪ Friends and family—You will be surprised what people know but haven’t passed on to
you. If Uncle Joe retired young and has a big bank account, ask him for the details of
how he did it. I guarantee he will enjoy talking about it. And you will learn more from
him than you will from any book (including mine)!
And here is one I believe you should pay for: a subscription to MONEY magazine (I’m not affiliated
with the magazine, so I have no ulterior motive for this recommendation). It’s easy to read,
inexpensive, and it provides good information and excellent advice. Most importantly, it makes you
think about different personal money management issues.
Think about it: During your school years, you spent no (or very little) time and energy learning about
personal finance. What is one hour a week? Well, it actually adds up to a lot of time over a few
years: fifty-two hours your first year, two hundred and sixty hours over five years, and five hundred
and twenty hours over ten years. That’s a minimum of five hundred and twenty hours more than the
average person spends learning about personal finance.
If you put in that amount of time and energy, I guarantee you will be much better versed in personal
money management than the average individual. More importantly, I guarantee that you will have
earned/saved tens of thousands of dollars through your learning!

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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