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You must recognize that you are the only one responsible for your financial success or failure. This is
a simple and fundamental principle that most people refuse to believe. They believe they are a victim
of bad circumstances or people taking advantage of them. However, in most situations, they are the
ones who got themselves into financial trouble.
You will hear them say things like, “They locked me in to a high mortgage interest rate,” “I didn’t
know there were extra fees,” and “My car payment is too high.” Whose responsibility is it to make the
financial decisions that they made?
If you realize that you need to actively manage your finances and take responsibility for your financial
decisions, you will succeed in doing it effectively. The key is to actively manage it. Ask questions.
Know your budget. Look at the long term.
Bottom line: Heed the advice offered in this book, and develop your own principles. You, and only
you, can make sure you effectively manage your financial life.
I ask the question one more time: Why didn’t they teach me this in school?

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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