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The basics of beautiful skin! How to wash your face to keep your pores clean

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Are you wondering if you can get rid of the darkening of the pores around your nose and at the tip of your nose? If you rub it too hard that you want to do something about it, it will irritate your skin and cause inflammation, making your pores more noticeable. The key to keeping your pores clean is to wash your face properly. “The dirt of the day is the same day”, that is the ironclad rule of pore care.

Thorough explanation of the causes of darkening of pores

In the first place, the pores are “dents”, so even if nothing is clogged, they look black due to shadows. In addition, if the hair growth that grows from the pores is conspicuous, the pores may look blackish. Keep in mind that pores are also the exit of the sebaceous glands that moisturize the skin, so no matter how hard you care, the pores themselves will not disappear.

● Why is the darkening of the pores so noticeable?

Blackheads in the pores are skin problems that are mainly caused by cleansing, lack of cleansing, and excess sebum. When the keratin plugs clogged in the pores mix with dirt on the skin and come into contact with the air, lipid peroxide is generated and the skin is oxidized (skin rust). The result is lumpy, black and conspicuous “blackhead pores.”

The cause of darkening of pores is “keratin plugs”. In the first place, “keratin plugs” are proteins that are formed by disturbing the metabolism (turnover) of the skin and leaving old keratin on the skin, which is clogged in the pores. It is said to be horny). “Old keratin” is like red skin on the body and dandruff on the scalp, and usually peels off naturally. However, if the skin is unstable or dry, metabolism will be disturbed and the keratin will stay on the surface of the skin, forming keratin plugs and clogging the pores.

In addition, this keratin plug mixes with excess sebum, dust, and makeup that cannot be completely removed, and becomes “dirt” when exposed to the air, causing oxidation. Oxidation of the skin causes darkening and dullness. Even if the keratin plugs are not clogged, excess sebum may oxidize around the pores and cause pigmentation, resulting in a dull skin condition like age spots.

● Why are the pores noticeable even though I wash my face twice a day?

Perhaps the method of washing your face or the choice of cleanser is wrong. Rough washing, which is left unwashed and irritates the skin, is a source of skin problems. In addition, if you wash your face too much because it is easy for sebum to come out, be careful as it tends to tilt to oily dry skin that is partially dry even though it has a lot of sebum. Also, the size of the pores themselves is natural, so they never get smaller. Take care of pore clogging and roughness and aim for skin with inconspicuous pores.

● What causes the roughness around the nose and cheeks?

If you have a rough feeling around your nose or around your cheeks, the cause may be clogged pores. First, let’s review the facial cleansing method and facial cleanser. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to irritate the skin more than necessary because the metabolism of the skin is disturbed and the stratum corneum is not sufficiently moisturized, and the stratum corneum may be turned up and tilted sensitively.

How to wash your face to remove dirt from your pores

The T zone is where sebum is actively secreted and pores are easily clogged, especially in the nose, where excess sebum tends to accumulate and it is difficult to wash the face. Even if you intend to wash your face properly, it is easy to leave it unwashed and it is easy to run out of rinsing.

Check out the correct facial cleansing methods and facial cleansing items that specialize in pore care!

● Clean pores! What is the correct way to wash your face?

Basically, wash your face twice in the morning and evening. If you wash your face too much because you are worried about darkening of the pores, it will be a burden on your skin. When the barrier function of the skin is reduced and the skin is not moisturized, the sebum glands become more active than necessary in an attempt to regain the moisturization, and excess sebum tends to clog the pores.

● Isn’t the method of washing your face wrong?

~ Face wash checklist ~

  1. (× NG) Since whipping is troublesome, wash with a small amount of foam
    → (○ OK) Whisk an appropriate amount with the palm of your hand and then put it on your skin
  2. (× NG) I’m rubbing strongly because I want to remove dirt from the pores
    → (○ OK) Friction causes damage to the stratum corneum, so wash gently with foam.
  3. (× NG) Leave bubbles on the hairline and around the chin
    → (○ OK) The rinsing residue will be darkened or dull, so make sure there is no rinsing residue.
  4. (× NG) I want to wash my face carefully, so I take time to wash my face
    → (○ OK) It will be a burden on my skin, so I will do it politely and skillfully.
  5. (× NG) Rinse quickly with hot water and finish
    → (○ OK) Wash your face with lukewarm water as it will irritate your skin.
  6. (× NG) Move the towel up and down to wipe it
    → (○ OK) It may cause sagging and wrinkles, so use a towel to hold down the water.

If there are any applicable items, change from NG face wash to correct face wash right now!

● Recommended facial cleanser when you are concerned about darkening of pores

Basically, you should wash your face every day to clean your pores. If you’re still worried about roughness and darkening, why not take special care once or twice a week?

・ Enzyme powder

It has the effect of breaking down old keratin and gently unclogs pores. As a special care, it can be used in place of the usual cleanser or mixed with the cleanser.

・ Clay mask

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Since it has a strong dirt adsorption power, it can quickly clear the clogging of pores. If you are concerned about dullness or darkening, use it about once a week as a guide.

・ Scrub face wash

Recommended when you are concerned about the roughness of the skin surface. If you overdo it, it will irritate your skin, so use it once a week or once every two weeks as a guide.

・ Facial cleansing soap with peeling effect

There is also a cleansing soap that you can use every day for daily care, but use it properly so that it does not burden your skin.

・ Whitening facial cleanser

A whitening cleanser that clears the skin is effective for dull skin due to pigmentation.

・ Carbonated facial cleanser

The thick, squishy carbonic acid foam removes dead skin cells and can be expected to have the effect of promoting blood circulation.

● What about pore care for sensitive skin?

If your skin is sensitively tilted due to seasonal changes, irregular life, stress, etc., pores may open more than usual and become noticeable. If you scrub with a cleanser with strong detergency, or if you try to forcibly remove the clogging of pores with special care, skin problems may worsen. The first step is to cleanse your face carefully and gently, and to condition your skin with sufficient moisturizing care.

● Efficiently use convenient facial cleansing goods

A lathering net and a good facial cleansing brush will enhance your daily pore care. If you are not good at whipping, you can easily make fluffy foam by using a commercially available whipping net. A face-wash brush is convenient because it can thoroughly wash areas that are difficult to remove, such as the nose and around the mouth, but be careful not to overdo it as it can be irritating.

Tips for maintaining clean pores

To keep the pores clean, it is important to remove the dirt of the day on the same day.
Since the body is covered with clothing, it is difficult for dust and dirt in the air to come into direct contact with the skin, but the face is always exposed to the outside air. In addition, excess sebum, make-up, and dead skin cells are mixed together to form invisible stains on the face. If this dirt is left unattended, germs will grow and sebum will oxidize. Facial cleansing is an important step not only to keep pores clean, but also to maintain the beauty of the entire skin.

● What is a face wash that can maintain clean pores?

Washing your face twice in the morning and evening is one of the basics of keeping clean pores.
The skin secretes sweat and sebum while sleeping, and when they mix with dust in the air and accumulate on the skin, they can clog the pores and darken. If you’re in a hurry, you may neglect skin care, but don’t forget to wash your face to get the right skin care.

If you want to keep your pores clean all the time, use Rusheri Cream Wash, which cleans off dirt with elastic creamy foam, and wash your face twice in the morning and evening.

● Cleansing is essential after makeup

As there are rumors that if you fall asleep with make-up on, skin aging will accelerate three times, it is important to wash off the make-up for the day. To remove oily make-up, you need a cleansing agent that contains oil. There are various types of cleansing agents such as oil, gel, cream, milk, and sheet type, so use them properly according to the makeup strength, skin condition, and lifestyle of the day to prevent pores from getting clogged. prize.

The Eterna generation, to make firmly off entering the pores Rusheri oil-in-cleansing gel is recommended.

● Moisturizing care keeps clean pores forever

Once you have cleansed your pores with cleansing and washing your face, pore care is not over. Subsequent moisturizing care is the key to keeping it clean. In particular, the pores of the cheeks tend to expand with age, and if moisturizing care is inadequate, the skin may become dry or sagging, and the pores may become more noticeable. After moisturizing with lotion, condition your skin with a water-retaining serum and supplement with a milky lotion or cream to keep your skin smooth.


If you want to have clean pores, start by reviewing your face-washing method. The wrong way to wash your face can be irritating to your skin and cause pores to open and clog, so it’s important to review your face washing casually every day. After cleansing and washing your face, make sure to moisturize your pores.

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