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The Best Exercise You’re Probably Not Doing

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Want to know a form of exercise that is more fun, effective, and easier on the
joints than jogging? This is something so effective, NASA used it to train their
astronauts. It is something you can even do while watching your favorite TV
The exercise is jumping on a trampoline which is referred to as rebounding.
Rebounding very effectively increases total body oxygenation. The g-force
produced during the rebounding literally strengthens every cell in the body and
aids in detoxification through enhanced lymph flow.
The best part is, with a mini-trampoline, you can do this exercise virtually
anywhere. Even in a relatively small room or outside on a nice day. No need
for a bulky and expensive treadmill or cardio machine.
I’ve heard some people say that even though they hate exercise, they’ve become
addicted to rebounding. It can almost take on a meditative quality.
Affordable mini-trampolines are widely available, but the best built and highest
quality rebounders are made by Cellerciser.
If you’re tired of treadmills and boring cardio machines, now you know how to
get better results, faster, with less joint stress and better health benefits by going
back to the fun kids enjoy!

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