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The Key Advantages of Telecommuting

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Telecommuting can be explained as working from home, instead of working in the office with the aid of the computer and connectivity is made possible through communication devices like the telephone, fax or Internet. Gone are the days spending hours traveling from home to the work place, taking leave for doing personal work etc. Telecommuters save time, energy and money unnecessarily spent on traveling to the office from his house. Telecommuting offers lot of benefits for both the company and the employee (the telecommuter).

Advantages for the employer due to telecommuting:

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The overhead expenses involved in running the office is minimized to a greater extent, as they will have to spend only lesser amounts towards electricity charges, minimum car parking facility, smaller work space which in turn reduces the rent of the office building, less number of computers in the work place, etc. The employer also benefits by not having to spend on a manager or supervisor to monitor the employees. The ultimate aim of the employer is to get the work done on time and with greater accuracy, which can be got by having weekly meetings with the telecommuters. Also, the employer saves money by not spending on factors like traveling expenses and leave salary. Some of the telecommuters even would like to take the job with a lesser salary as they get the benefit of working from home. Thus telecommuting benefits the employer by all the means.

As employees, the telecommuters get the flexibility of doing the job from home. They can do their personal work and at the same time can complete the job on time by putting more effort during leisure time. For example, a mother would like to work, when her kid is off to school and telecommuting makes it possible. There is no need to go for work daily; hence it saves time, money and energy of the telecommuter. Also, the Telecommuter need not compulsorily own a business; he can also work for company situated anywhere in the world. Telecommuting jobs like the mystery shopper, restaurant spy and online photographer give a satisfaction to the people who are passionate about shopping, eating and taking photography.

The society too benefits from telecommuting job. Wondering how? Traffic congestions are minimized, pollution is reduced and fuel usage is minimized. The productivity too increases as the time wasted in commuting is reduced.

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