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The Ten Commandments of Bitcoin

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If you get nothing else , at least follow these rules and you’ll be in
a better position to make money than other new investors.
1. Thou shalt believe in Bitcoin at a technological level
2. Thou shalt never gives one’s private key to anyone else
3. Thou shalt always stay informed with Bitcoin news from
reputable sources
4. Thou shalt never panic sell during a downturn
5. Thou shalt always take intermediate profits for oneself
6. Thou shalt always store cryptocurrency safely
7. Thou shalt not spend every hour checking cryptocurrency
8. Thou shalt never mine Bitcoin on their regular desktop
9. Thou shalt not invest more than you can afford to lose
10. Thou shalt always help others with less knowledge than
Bitcoin has changed the way we look at money and finance. Our previous
reliance on banks and other financial institutions has been put into question.
These long standing financial institutions now face unprecedented disruption
from this groundbreaking technology. For users, cross border payments at a
near-instant transaction time and far lower transactions fees are making the
global economy smaller. For merchants, protecting themselves from fraud has
never been easier with the rise of Bitcoin. Even non-profits can benefit hugely
from Bitcoin as a payment method. Blockchain technology has an additional
laundry list of benefits ranging from transparency in elections to easily
accessible medical records between parties.
As a commodity, Bitcoin has produced unrivaled returns for investors over the
past 7 years. No other financial asset, in the cryptocurrency space or otherwise
has made more people money since its inception in 2010. For those who believe
in Bitcoin, long may these returns continue.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this book and that you’re now a little bit more informed
about how Bitcoin works, and more importantly, how it can work for you.
Whether you’re planning on investing for the long-term, or hoping to make
short-term gains by trading – I wish you the best of luck.
Remember, trade rationally and not emotionally. Never invest more than you can
afford to lose, and for the love of God – don’t check the charts 15 times a day.
If you’re ready to make the next step and get involved in the market. I have a
small gift for you.
If you sign up for Coinbase using this link, you will receive $10 worth of free
Bitcoin after your first purchase of more than $100 worth of cryptocurrency.

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