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Tomato Paste Capsicum Pinch is a nutritional product of fresh crushed tomatoes with capsicum molasses, an excellent bright red product, with perfectly smooth texture and good stability, sold in an airtight jar that helps reduce waste and store leftovers easily in the refrigerator. Perfect for small daily needs. It is one of the best flavoring sauces for your food and an important element in your kitchen, we use it in the best international dishes, chicken recipes in the oven, all forms of pasta, ground meat, pizza and salads. Our product consists of two types: tomato paste, the first is regular tomato paste without a spicy flavor, and the second is tomato paste with hot pepper paste, which is unique in its taste.

the ingredients:

Tomato paste, capsicum contains:

-Tender red tomatoes

-Vegetable oil



-Pepper molasses

the benefits:

Rich source of antioxidants that keep the body from getting chronic diseases

– Strengthening immunity-

Reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood-

Without preservatives% 100

Provide vitamin- c

-Rich in minerals that are found in tomatoes

– Promotes body perfection with efficiency-

Moisturise the body-

Useful for diabetics –

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