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Top 5 Supplements On A Budget

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Being someone that studies health, nutrition, and the countless variety of new
innovations in supplements, I’ve found it can be easy to get overwhelmed with
all of the recommendations and options out there for supplementation.
I should note the most important thing is to eat a good diet to get most of your
nutrients. One bonus tip to enhance the nutrients you absorb from food is to use
digestive enyzmes. I personally have used and like Twinlab’s Digestive Enzyme
blend at
Capsules/dp/B000GCAVH4. I also believe raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a must
use product for its ability to aid in digestion, prevent heartburn, and provide
beneficial enzymes at 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon diluted in water before meals.
This could be a tip all unto itself going on about its benefits, but I decided to
simply insert it here as it can provide missing nutrients and help absorb more
nutrients from the diet. It doesn’t matter how great your diet is if you aren’t
properly digesting and absorbing the food you eat. I’ll also note once again that
GlutImmune and N-Aceytl Glucosamine can repair gut damage which is another
cause of poor nutrient absorption.
But no matter how great your diet is, in modern times, a great diet usually isn’t
enough anymore to offset the unnatural world we live in. If you’ve read these
tips and find yourself overwhelmed with options for things to take, don’t worry.
I’ve spent the money and done the research for you to bring you my top picks for
maximizing your health and longevity without costing a fortune.
Here are what I consider to be the best supplements for the money:
Vitamin D3 – An incredibly common deficiency that can be readily fixed.
Very affordable at less than $2 a month at high doses.
Ashwagandha – Adaptogenic herb that fights stress and balances adrenals
and thyroid. Sensoril extract provides effective dose at $3 a month.
Affordable Alternative: Dragon Herbs Longevity Tea from
Astaxanthin – The most powerful and safe antioxidant (protects against
aging and cell damage) I’ve studied. Crosses the blood brain barrier to
protect the brain, protects the skin from UV damage, aids in exercise
recovery, reduces excess inflammation, and effective at 4mg a day doses
which is around $6-7 a month.
Fish Oil – A large container of fish oil will provide much needed Omega 3s
for a few dollars a month (depending on source) at 3-5 grams a day.
Organic Powder Spirulina (or Greens Formula) – Provides phytonutrients,
chlorophyll, trace minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and numerous health
benefits. Approximately $10 a month for a 5 gram a day dosage.
Alternatives: Broken cell wall chlorella, Vitamineral Green by
HealthForce, or Moringa powder.
Prices based on prices through brands found here:
These 5 supplements will address the major deficiencies and needs that the
typical person will have for around for around $25 a month, or a little less than
$1 a day for better health. They’ll provide vitamins and minerals in whole food
form rather than synthetic form, provide essential fats, combat excess
inflammation which is at the root of many degenerate diseases and weight
problems, help detoxify the body, and provide on-going anti-aging protection.
While supplements are great, they don’t replace the essentials of a healthy diet or
completely offset the damage of a poor diet. I suggest including high levels of
turmeric as a spice, sea vegetables like kelp and dulse, cultured foods like
sauerkraut and kefir, seasonal fruits and vegetables, if consuming animal
products getting them from a quality and humane source fed a natural diet, and
consider using coconut oil in one’s diet to fill in some of the other nutritional
deficiencies that are common.
Realize that poor quality food choices, stress, smoking, and even a lot of
exercise will quickly deplete the body of essential nutrients that can’t always be
replaced without heavy supplementation to offset the damage.

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