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Would A Raw Diet Be Best For My Dog ?


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There has been plenty of debate recently over what kinds of food are best for dogs, commercial food versus homemade food, raw food, cooked food, etc. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with all of these diets, and through this text, we’ll cover the views on the raw food diet for your dog, covering all sides of the problem, so that you’re going to make your own decision.
There are many benefits that your dog will receive from being on a raw diet, according to some vets. If you decide to allow your dog to possess bones, then some say that their teeth will stay in better shape, and maybe cleaner, than those on other diets. this might potentially mean less money that you simply got to spend on care at the vet’s office, which is taken under consideration to be another bonus for you, the dog’s owner.
Many dogs’ digestive systems are better able to tolerate raw food than commercial dog foods that are full of by-products and preservatives. you furthermore may don’t got to worry the utmost amount about potential food allergies, since you recognize exactly what’s within the food that you simply are giving to your dog.
Another belief is that dogs that are on raw diets have significantly reduced risk of becoming obese, which can cause many serious health problems, whilst it does for humans. they’re only eating what they need, without getting all of the fillers that tons of economic dog foods contain, which cuts out excess calories.
One of the foremost common complaints that dog owners have a couple of raw diets is that it takes tons longer for them to arrange their dog’s food than normal. They can’t just attend a bag and scoop out kibble into a bowl; they have to really prepare the food, considerably like they could for themselves. you’ve to possess enough meat available to feed your dog, you’ve to measure out the proper amount, then mix it with the proper amount of vegetables, and bones if you decide on to travel that route. you’ve to figure out what proportion food your dog should eat a day, relying on his or her ideal weight, then either prepare the food on each day to day or prepare it in batches and store it within the freezer until it’s needed. Either way, you’ve tons longer invested within the whole process, and for busy families, this isn’t always an option.
When you purchase meat, relying on where you reside, it is often pretty expensive, so you will probably get to spend extra cash on a raw diet than you’d an ad pet food diet. to make this feature cheaper, you’ll need to look for sales then buy the utmost amount as you’ll afford and store it appropriately, which could also mean investing during a separate freezer if you don’t have already got one available.
Anytime you think that that about meat, you’ve to believe parasites and bacteria, which could be potentially harmful to your dog. Some meats are more dangerous than others, as for example pork, but generally, you need to be okay. Raw beef and chicken usually don’t pose any problems for dogs, as long because it’s stored properly at the proper temperatures.
You will need to decide whether or to not give your dog bones. Some vets say that you simply should never give your dog any quite bone because they could choke, or the bones could damage their digestive system, but others say as long as you’re careful about the sorts of bones you give, this isn’t a haul. Many advocates of the raw diet grind bones up and blend them in, but again, that’s your choice.
If you’re thinking about putting your dog on a raw diet, you’d wish to require the time to look within the least of the knowledge you will find, then make your own decision supported your findings. The raw diet requires a commitment from you the dog owner, both financially, and time-wise, if you aren’t prepared for that, or aren’t certain that is the way you’d wish to travel, then you’d possibly want to believe other options.


There has been tons of debate recently over what sorts of food are best for dogs, commercial food versus homemade food, raw food, cooked food, etc. There are advantages and drawbacks related to all of those diets, and during this article, we’ll cover the views on the raw food diet for your dog, covering each side of the difficulty , in order that you’ll make your own decision.

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