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10 tips how to take care of your skin this summer?

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Skin care this summer 

The sizzling heat has come and has brought with it many pores and skin related issues.  You need to keep away from rashes, tans, sunburns and acne for the duration of this season, as your pores and skin needs safety.  It is important which you pay unique interest to the “summer” season pores and skin care routine to avoid undesirable pores and skin associated issues of “summer” time, in order that your skin keeps smiling on this season.

How to take care of your pores and skin in summer season?  


As the weather heats up, your skin’s sebaceous glands start expelling excess sebum.  Sebum is generally referred to as herbal oil.  This oil gets deposited on the surface of the skin.  This makes the skin sticky and clogs the pores.


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A common problem in this season is pimples [1].  Especially, people with oily skin have a number of hassle with this.  When your pores and skin is uncovered to dangerous ultraviolet rays, it will increase the production of melanin [2] to shield it from harm.  Due to the presence of more melanin, the color of the skin becomes darker and tan.  Apart from this, the skin also becomes itchy and rash.


For these motives, skin care will become greater vital in summers.  But it isn’t always a tough assignment.  By maintaining the subsequent matters in mind, you could cope with your pores and skin without problems.

1:- Make a face wash to remove extra oil – 


Oily skin will become greater oily all through the “summer” season.  To keep away from this, it’s miles vital which you use a face wash this is appropriate for your pores and skin.  The face wash deeply cleanses the skin, and eliminates all kinds of dirt and dirt.  People who’ve dry skin want a cleanser without foam.  They should use a slight, alcohol-free and pH balanced purifier.

2:- Keep taking proper care of the pores and skin – 


Following a terrific skin care routine is important for everyone in every season.  Those with oily skin ought to select water based totally merchandise, and people with dry skin should pick out gel based merchandise.  Cream based products must be prevented as they may be now not mild and make the skin sticky.  Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day will leave your pores and skin feeling clean and refreshed even within the scorching warmth.


3:- Keep your skin hydrated – 


We all understand that hydration may be very crucial for the skin, yet it’s miles regularly not noted.  In summer season, hydration becomes more essential, especially at bedtime.  Therefore, earlier than drowsing at night, you must easy your pores and skin.  After this, apply an incredible hydrating mask.  Keep pouring water to your face all through the day and often refresh the skin [3] with a facial mist.


4:- Exfoliate for Healthy Skin – 


In the “summer” time, it’s miles essential to easy the pores and skin deeply.  Dead pores and skin cells clog your pores, and exfoliation removes them.  In this type of situation, use a face scrub twice a week to get rid of extra dust and oil.  You ought to remember that you buy a scrub in step with your skin type and scrub it gently in round movement.  Along with scrubbing the face, you have to additionally scrub your lips and neck.


5:- Apply Sunscreen – 


The Ultra Violet-A and Ultra Violet-B rays of the sun spoil our pores and skin.  Not the handiest does it tan the pores and skin, however it additionally causes wrinkles to seem on the skin before age.  In such a scenario, it is important to use oil free sunscreen with 30-50 SPF.  It also prevents clogging of your pores by defensive your pores and skin from sun damage.


It is better that you make using sunscreen part of your skin care routine.  This is necessary even in case you live indoors.  If you move swimming, you need to practice sunscreen [4] numerous times in your skin.


6:- Drink more water and fruit juice – 


During the “summer” season, you have to drink as a minimum three liters of water each day.  Water flushes out pollutants out of your body.  You must drink coconut water, clean juice of watermelon and other fruits to live hydrated.  You can also include curd and buttermilk in your food plan to make up for the shortage of water.


7:- Take tub twice an afternoon – 


Good hygiene is important for the duration of the recent summer days.  If you’re taking a bath two times a day, it helps in maintaining your body cool.  Taking a tub in the morning and earlier than slumbering at nighttime removes the dust and sweat accrued for your body at some point of the day.  In this manner, there may be no rash to your body.  Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are essential at the side of bathing.


8:- Avoid Heavy Makeup – 


Heavy makeup does now not allow your pores and skin to breathe.  The warmth and humidity add to the problem.  In the “summer” time, in preference to heavy foundation and different cosmetics, you should observe tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm with little makeup.


9:- Moisturize Well – 


Moisturizer could be very important to guard your skin for the duration of the “summer” time.  For this, you can pick out a non-greasy components moisturizer, preserving your pores and skin in thoughts.  It is higher that you pick out a light and gel-based totally moisturizer for the duration of the “summer” season days.  While selecting a moisturizer, it has to additionally be stored in thoughts that it incorporates SPF along with vitamin A and vitamin C.  Apply moisturizer straight away after bathing.  It prevents excessive construct-up of sebum, which in the end prevents pimples breakouts.


10:-  Take care of eyes, lips and feet – 


It is important to shield your eyes from the robust rays of the sun.  Therefore, wear sun shades when you step out of the house.  Along with this, you need to also practice moisturizing below eye gel.  Also follow lip balm with SPF under your lipstick.  To maintain your feet smooth, he has to preserve exfoliating regularly.  If you are wearing loose footwear, practice moisturizer at the toes as properly.


Home remedies for pores and skin care in summer 


Our skin changes with the seasons.  Dry weather in winters takes away the herbal moisture from the pores and skin and turns it into itchy, hard skin.  Similarly, the “summer” time, due to humidity, causes sweating, clogged pores and acne.  These result in bacterial and other infections.


To avoid the warmth, we use air conditioners, due to which our skin gets dehydrated.  In this kind of state of affairs, our pores and skin desires greater care.  Along with cleansing, toning and moisturizing, there are numerous such home remedies in our residence, which cope with our skin in the course of the “summer” time.


A:-  Cucumber


Cucumber is a cooling agent [5] containing nutrition C and other compounds, which cools your skin throughout the “summer” time.  Along with this, it also brightens the useless pores and skin by the rays of the solar.


Mode of use 


• Peel half of the cucumber and placed it within the blender.


• Add 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel to it.


• Make a paste through mixing these two.


• Apply this aggregate for your face and other elements of the body and depart it on for 20 minutes.


• Wash off with undeniable water afterwards.


B:-  Coconut oil 


Coconut oil is a lubricating agent that, when used frequently, leaves the pores and skin looking clean and tender [6].  It has homes which can have a magical impact on the skin.  It incorporates natural SPF, in addition to is a great anti-oxidant.


Mode of use 


• While leaving the residence, apply a bit of coconut oil on your exposed pores and skin.


• Many times our pores and skin gets burnt due to publicity to strong solar.  To therapy this, you can rub a bit of coconut oil there several times an afternoon.  It will paintings like a frame lotion and treatment your sunburn.


• Similarly, to protect the lips from warmth, follow coconut oil at the lips even as going out.


• Exfoliating your frame will become very vital within the “summer” time.


• For this, upload 2-3 spoons of sugar or rock salt to 5 spoons of coconut oil.


• Mix these  nicely and prepare a great combination.


• Now use it as an exfoliates.


• You will see that the spots for your pores and skin have disappeared.


C:- Rose water 


The pores and skin becomes pink due to robust sunlight, a high-quality way to therapy it is in rose water.  It heals indignant and reddened pores and skin.  Rose water has antiseptic and analgesic homes, which assist it to fight infections caused by heat.




Mode of use 


• During the “summer” season, extra oil gets gathered at the pores and skin, which rose water is high-quality to remove.  It opens the clogged pores and additionally eliminates the dirt collected at the pores and skin.


• Clean the face with undeniable water and after that wipe the face with a cotton towel via patting it.


• Now take such rose water, that’s inside the % containing the pump.


• Put two to 3 pumps of it in your face.


• Do not wipe it, however, allow it to be absorbed into the pores and skin.


D:- Curd


Yogurt has tyrosine pastime, which is one of the excellent medicine to heal pores and skin broken via warmth.  It is a natural source of L-cysteine, which also reduces hyperpigmentation through decreasing dark spots.  With its normal use, the misplaced radiance and radiance of the skin comes again.




Mode of use 


• Take 2 teaspoon curd and blend it with 1 teaspoon honey.


• Apply this aggregate at the face and leave it for half an hour.


• Afterwards easy it with undeniable water or lukewarm water.




Excess warmness and absence of water aren’t accurate for the pores and skin.  Therefore, in the “summer” season, the pores and skin turns into sticky and the pores get clogged.  But if you take care of some crucial things and undertake a few domestic treatments, then your skin will preserve to glow even in the “summer” time.


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