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5 Best Men’s Dress Shirt Fits

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Dress shirts have been an integral part of a man’s wardrobe since the birth of the business suit.
Men’s dress shirts are typically worn for formal settings such as the office or a special event, but the modern dress shirt is being worn casually even with jeans. The well-known terms “blue collar” and
white collar” came from dress shirts themselves where blue chambray shirts were worn my workmen
and white shirts were worn by businessmen.
There are many colors and styles to choose from when selecting dress shirts for the modern man.
Here is a breakdown of the different men’s dress shirt fits so you can choose one that’s best suited
for your menswear needs.
Traditional Fit
Traditional fit dress shirts, or classic fit, have side seams that are straight or slightly tapered. Some
brands will taper at the waist a little more than others, so it’s important to try on a traditional fit dress shirt to make sure you enjoy the look.Most traditional fit dress shirts will include box pleats at the yoke (the back panel of the shirt) to helpwith a more comfortable fit and additional movement. If you’re not sure where to start as you build your dress shirt wardrobe, the traditional fit is a great place to start as it’s a classic cut that will work for almost any style and body structure.
Athletic Fit
The athletic dress shirt is a unique fit that accommodates a more muscular or athletic silhouette. The
common thread among athletic dress shirts for men is a broader cut at the shoulders and chest with large armholes and tapered at the waist. Athletic fit shirts are meant to cater to a muscular upper body and slimwaist, and some brands even have different degrees of taper through the body to ensure a proper fit.
Full Fit
Full fit dress shirts have a cut that slightly widens from the yoke’s base to the shirt hem.This is
considered an A-line style which is more comfortable and visually flattering for men who have extra weight in the mid-section or who have a solid build to their physique. Full fit shirts usually have larger sizes, with large armholes for extra comfort. Some brands also refer to the full fit dress shirt as a
comfort fit or relaxed fit.
Slim Fit
Slimfit dress shirts have to taper at the waist and might also include a narrow yoke across the
shoulders. Slimfit shirts are meant to fit a lean body type and also features a closer fit to the body. These shirts usually have pleating at the yoke with darts at the waist for an extra tailored fit. These shirts have an unnoticeable slight curve inward at the sides to give the shirt a more custom look.
Tailored Fit
Tailored fit dress shirts fall between slimfit and traditional fit. These shirts have a standard yoke width
with a slightly tapered waist. It’s not as dramatically tailored at the waist like an athletic fit shirt, and it’s also not as body-hugging as a slimfit shirt.
A well-fitted men’s dress shirt is an important part of every man’s closet because of the versatile
nature of this particular piece of clothing.It melds well with a host of men’s accessories and styles, making dressing for the day an easy move. Whether you are wearing a full suit or jeans and sneakers, a dress shirt can elevate any look instantly.

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