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6 Of The Best Things About Being A Parent

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If you aren’t a parent, you may wonder why you would want to bother? It’s all sleepless nights that
turn you into a zombie, never having a minute to yourself to even grab a shower and the feeling of constant pressure among all the obligations that come with raising a child.
Yet for all that, becoming a parent remains the single most beautiful thing in the world. When you
become a parent for the first time, you see the world in a new way.Each day spent with your little one brings something new and exciting as you guide another human being through life and into the world.
Still not sold? Here are six of the best things about being a parent.
Hearing “I love you”
Those three little words are the most powerful in the human language. When you hear them from your child, that power is amplified. It means all your hard work has paid off and it will leave you on cloud nine – especially when they are spoken out of blue.
Seeing an act of kindness
As a parent, you want to teach your child to be good by raising them the right way.So when you see
them produce a random act of kindness to a friend or relative, you’ll be overcome with pride at the selflessness they’ve displayed and what they’ve grown into.
Receiving home-made art
A Leonardo Da Vinci painting sold at auction in New York may fetch $450 million,but the home-made art your child produces for you is worth 10 times that. You know the sort we are talking about – the painting with an impossibly tall daddy with no arms, a mummy who looks like she weighs 300 pounds and a dog who has defied all conventional science to be bright red. It might never hang in the Louvre, but it takes pride of place on your refrigerator.
Hearingyour little one laughfor the first time
Is there a better sound in the world than a baby laughing? That cheeky first giggle from a newborn is your first sign that you’ve got a happy human on your hands and the confirmation that it brings as to the great job you are doing is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. What Age Do Babies Laugh? After three to four months, providing a real boost after the difficult sleepless nights that categorize most first few months of parenthood.
Teaching your child to ride a bicycle
On the face of it, getting an infant to balance on a seat attached to two wheels and pedal themselves along should be nigh on impossible. That’s probably why the moment that they are able to ride off into the sunset on a bicycle with no stabilizers or any support from you is one of the proudest you can have as a parent. You’ve successfully taught them a new skill that will serve them well for the rest of their life.
Seeing your child with your parents
There’s something special about seeing your child spending time with your parents. It’s three generations of the same family spanning many decades, but who have all needed each other at one point or another. You’ll also get a real sense of comfort knowing that all the knowledge and wisdom your parents passed down to you as you were growing up, they are now able to pass onto your child as well.

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