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A powder foundation that moisturizes and adheres to the skin in any condition and covers it with excellent makeup glue.

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I feel uncomfortable when I don’t have foundation.
Does morning makeup glue affect the beauty of the future?

Isn’t there a time when the foundation doesn’t go well in the morning and you feel uncomfortable? As the mask life continues, it is possible to cover up the feeling of sickness under the mask, but if you leave the feelings unrefreshing as it is, the smoky and dark expression may become established before you know it.
Now that I have more time to interact with people, creating “skin with good glue” from the morning so that I can take off my mask at any time is the first step to accumulate my own beauty. With a foundation that blends into any condition of your skin, why not get your own “smooth skin” that makes you want to brag about it?

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You may be fascinated by the beautiful finish of your bare skin !

If the skin condition is not good, the makeup will not be clean and the mood of the day will be down. When I feel depressed, my facial expression gets darker … The first step is to break such a negative spiral right away.
Esplique Synchrofit Pact EX is a powder foundation that adheres so that it blends in even when the condition of the skin is not good. All powders are coated with “moist fit ingredient”, and “Super Makeup Nori Ingredient EX” is also included, which has the flexibility to change the shape according to the movement of facial expressions and the effect of easily repelling sweat and sebum. With a thin and uniform film, there is no feeling of thick coating, and it smoothly covers pores and uneven color. It melts into the skin at this time, which tends to be dry, and keeps the finish as if the bare skin itself became beautiful. Experience the Esplique Synchrofit Pact EX, which will always give you “excellent skin” that you will fall in love with.


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