Always smooth skin Japan's only high-performance lotion that prevents shine from the beginning, born

I want to be free from shiny and sticky!
Even if you wipe it, hold it down, it will be shiny again … to that skin

Sebum that is indispensable for moisturizing the skin. It’s a problem if there are too few, but aren’t there many women who want to be free from shine and stickiness?
For example, What if …
, morning skin surface is sticky when I got up
, make-up immediately after to a smooth, shiny and get to the company
have I Teca every time I see a-mirror
can not face-lift by-busy
oil blotting paper, are necessities. When it disappears, I
feel uneasy and want to get smooth skin that doesn’t crumble! If you think about it, you need “fundamental care”.

From just removing care to “fundamental care”
Active ingredient Rice Power ® No. 6 balances sebum

Excessively secreted sebum causes shine, stickiness, and conspicuous pores. However, if you blindly remove the sebum, the oil-moisture balance of the skin will be lost, and the skin will become shiny and sticky repeatedly. It is important to take basic care to suppress the source of shine by working on the sebaceous glands in the back of the pores.
Rice Power ® No. 6 is the only active ingredient in Japan that has been shown to have the effect of suppressing sebum secretion. It works on the sebaceous glands in the back of the pores to protect the moisture of the skin and suppress the excessively secreted sebum. Say goodbye to the sebum care that removes oil blotting paper and tissues, and make your skin smooth!