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Avoiding Sickness With A Super Immune System

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Getting sick sucks. But the immune system is responsible for a lot more than
just warding off the flu. A strong and well functioning immune system is also
what keeps cancer at bay. The body is also constantly defending itself against
infections that, if unmanaged, can lead to skin problems, yeast infections, low
energy, and degenerating health even if one doesn’t have an overt “sickness.”
But simply amplifying the immune response isn’t always desirable. A strong
immune response directed at the body itself in the form of an allergy is
sometimes more harmful than pathogens.
What we want is a balanced immune system that responds effectively to
pathogens without overreacting and attacking the body itself. This can be
accomplished through something known as immune modulation, and it is one of
the qualities of adaptogenic herbs like chaga, reishi, and astragalus which is why
I recommend them so highly.
The basic steps to a proper functioning immune system are to eat a nutritious
diet, minimize stress, and eat probiotic rich foods. But sometimes we need some
extra support.
Here are some suggested products for a super immune system. Note that many of
these products are best taken in moderate doses daily throughout the year to
ensure constant good health. If taken after getting sick, they may help reduce the
time and severity of infection, but won’t necessarily stop sickness outright.
Natural Vitamin C: One of the most common things people turn to when they
get sick is vitamin C. While vitamin C is important for the immune system, high
doses of vitamin C in the form of supplemental ascorbic acid isn’t ideal as it
lacks other co-factors found in whole foods. Opt for a whole food source of
vitamin C like Camu Camu berry either in addition to or instead of ascorbic
6-Hour Colostrum: Colostrum is what a mother cow produces to feed her
newborn calf shortly after birth. It is responsible for literally creating the
immune system of the baby calf. Colostrum is unlike any other food in it that it
contains 97 immune factors and 87 growth factors that can help rebuild a
“broken” immune system when one takes it. The 6-Hour colostrum I
recommend is collected within the first six hours of calving, and it is taken from
from the excess produced so the baby calves still get their fair share making it
ethically sound. Find it here:
Silver Hydrosol: Silver is one of the most powerful natural antibiotic products
available. Many colloidal silver products are ineffective. Plus, improperly made
silver products can cause an accumulation of silver in the body. But a high
quality silver hydrosol is one of the most powerful and safe things a person can
use internally or topically to kill off any infections. I suggest Argentyn 23 as in
my research and personal use, it seems most effective without any risk of
accumulation or toxicity with proper usage.
Pau d’Arco and Cat’s Claw (Una De Gato): These can be taken in extract
form for even more powerful infection fighting power. These are particularly
useful when dealing with stubborn infections and fungal issues.
Adaptogenic Herbs: The various adaptogenic herbs will all work to keep the
immune system functioning properly with the most notable being the various
medicinal mushrooms as well as astragalus. Taking this as a regular part of your
lifestyle will help prevent sickness and keep the immune system strong all year
Vitamin D: Necessary for numerous aspects of good health and in particular
immune system function.

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