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Dash (DASH)

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Price at time of writing: $194.25
Available on:
Fiat: Bitfinex, xBTCe, Bithumb (ROK),
BTC: Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken
Short for digital cash, Dash focuses on speed of transaction and anonymity as its
2 main selling points. Previously known as Darkcoin, it was rebranded in order
to distance itself from the “dark web” of underground illegal cryptocurrency
activity. Dash focuses on privacy, usability and the consumer market. Currently
the coin fluctuates between the 5th and 8th largest cryptocurrency by market
By speeding up transaction speeds from Bitcoin by using its Masternode
network, payments are near instant versus the 10 minute waiting period for
Bitcoin transactions. To obtain a masternode, users must deposit a total of 1,000
DASH. This had led to some debate about whether DASH is truly a
decentralized currency or not.
Dash is less liquid than Bitcoin, meaning you may have a harder time executing
large orders. However, the currency continues to be adopted by more exchanges
every month. Dash’s growth potential remains determined by its level of
accessibility and adoption by the mass market. Once such example of this is
BitCart, an Irish based discount gift card website which offers customers up to
20% discounts on Amazon purchases for payment in Dash.
Another interesting area in which Dash is utilized is the recent Venezuelan
currency crisis. Venezuelan Cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBuyer began
selling Dash as an alternative to the local Bolivar currency which was, and still
is, suffering from hyperinflation. Venezuelans are seeking to protect their
savings, and cryptocurrencies like Dash allow them to do this by holding value
against the US dollar.
Another area to note is that the richest 10 DASH holders currently hold 10.1% of
the total coin value, which is almost double that of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
This could have an impact if one of these major players wanted to influence
market movements.

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