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Home Gym Essentials

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For fitness fanatics everywhere, having your very own home gym is something that would make life a whole lot easier. Rather than having to drag yourself out of the house on a regular basis, you could have somewhere under your own roof that allows you to have a great workout without the hassle of changing rooms and waiting for equipment. However, the main issues that many people have is that they either think they don’t have the budget or it will not provide the quality of exercise they are looking for. But a quality home gym can be the perfect fitness solution for everyone. So, here are a few top tips for building one.
A Room to Yourself
Your first issue is actually finding a space to have your home gym in the first place. Ideally,it will be in a room of its own,but you could even section off a bit of an existing room.Ifyou have an attic, basement or garage that you are not using,this may be the perfect solution.Finding a space that is free from distractions should be your main aim.A stereo system can help you block out any external noise and focus on your workouts. Another feature which will be a huge help to you is a full-length mirror as you will be able to watch your form and technique which significantly reduces your chances of getting an injury.But importantly,you should get some sort of mat so you have a base to do your
Work Out Your Priorities
When it comes to fitness, not everyone has the same goals. So, whether you are planning to lose weight, improve your cardio fitness or take part in strength training,you will need different equipment to help you achieve your aims. Often,these goals will overlap in some way and there are certain types of equipment that can help you in numerous areas which we will talk a little more about next.
Dumbbells -A Staple of Every Gym
We have already talked about how important it is to have a mat so you can have a base to do your workouts, but when it comes to essential equipment, a set of dumbbells is also right near the top of the list. You should select either the three weights you need most often or alternatively invest in a good quality adjustable set. The natural advantage of an adjustable set of dumbbells is that you can add extra weight with the click of a switch so you can really give yourself more of a challenge.
A Stability Ball
Also corning high up on the list in terms of versatility,a stability ball is something every home gym owner should consider. This is especially true if you are looking to improve your flexibility,so check online or with a trainer to find more information about the types of exercises you can do. Again,this is where having a mirror will certainly come in handy as you can check to make sure you are getting the technique right.
Bigger Machinery
Thoughyou can have a perfectly fine home gym without big pieces of machinery,having at least one really can significantly improve the overall experience. Ifyou love running but the winter months significantly halt your progress, investing in a tread mill is the ideal solution.Offering a combination of weight loss, toning and building muscles, and increasing stamina, a rowing machine is a popular choice for many people inwhich case you should check out this website for detailed reviews. When it comes to weight machines, think carefully as you don’t want to be stuck with something which is not versatile and doesn’t give you a great all-round workout.
Cheaper Cardio
Ifyou simply don’t have the budget for the big-ticket machine items, you can still get your dose of
cardio at a more affordable price. For example, skipping is an excellent cardio workout that also helps to tighten up your muscles and strengthen your core. And, if your gym doesn’t afford you with the space to swing your skipping rope properly,there are also weighted handles that mimic the benefits of skipping.You could even do this as part of a cardio circuit that also includes exercises like jumping jacks and lateral shuffles.
Resistance Bands
Another option is getting some resistance bands which you can strap to doors, tables or benches
allowing you to do all kinds of workouts including pull-downs, standing chest presses or squats.

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