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I want to reduce it by another 2 kg! A surprising way to secretly teach you greedy

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Hello! I’m lisa , a Runtastic fitness coach.

We receive various questions from users and clients about dieting, but one of the most frequently asked questions from many people, regardless of gender, is

“Is there a way to lose weight because I only need a few more kilograms?”

It is that.

It’s actually very difficult to lose weight a little!

Perhaps many people are struggling with similar goals, so today I would like to explore this issue with greedy people who want to lose a little weight “2 kg, 3 kg”. think.

The reason why this “2 kilometers more” and “just a little” is difficult

The first reason why it’s difficult to lose a few more kilograms is that more than half of the people who want to lose a little more are already normal weight or lean.

Fluctuations of a few kilograms are not that big of an impact on the body.

Gaining a few kilograms from your normal weight does not mean that you are as unhealthy as “obesity,” and losing a few kilograms does not mean that you are at risk of life.

Your body is hard to recognize the need to lose a few kilograms from your current weight, that is, you want to lose more weight?

How greedy!

about it.

Even if you gain a little weight during the year-end and New Year holidays when there are many parties and drinking parties, it will often return to normal, but it will not easily drop below that, but that is short-term. Because the body recognizes that it is not necessary to reduce the amount of excess weight and body fat that has increased to less than that.

Although satiety is a problem in modern society, humanity has fought hunger for much of its history.

It makes sense that you can’t easily lose weight to a level where you don’t need to lose weight.

If you still want to drop another 2 kilos, just move!

I understand why it’s difficult to lose weight below my current weight.

But I still want to drop another 2 kilos!

Then you just have to move and burn a lot of calories.

I wonder if I’ve heard it over and over again, such as using the stairs, parking far from the store entrance at shopping malls, getting off at the station just before the destination, walking without sitting during breaks, etc. I think these are the basics of the basics.

Even with the slightest effort, if you measure and record the number of steps, calorie consumption, distance, etc. with the Runtastic app or the watch-type activity meter “Orbit”, you will be motivated every day.

How to diet to lose weight a little?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing.

If you force yourself to drop 2 kilos a week, your body will quickly try to regain that 2 kilos.

Rebound is certain unless you take the time to let your body know that you are in the right position to lose 2 kilos from your current weight.

In the long run, it makes a lot of sense to first review your food choices in order to achieve and maintain a slightly leaner condition.

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Avoid processed foods that contain more sodium and white sugar than you need, and try to eat raw vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and whole grains.

For those who drink a lot, if you want to lose weight, reducing the amount and frequency of drinking is a must.

When alcohol is digested by the internal organs, it disturbs the balance of hormones related to fat burning and accumulation.

Another disadvantage of drinking alcohol is that you tend to eat greasy snacks while drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is NG, but drinking water is essential. Be aware of the water and drink a lot.

If you can’t lose weight, try eating more! ??

People who have succeeded in calorie intake and food restrictions but do not lose weight below current levels …

Let’s give up once!

And by eating a little more than before

“I’m not starving” “You don’t have to save everything you eat”

I will tell the body that.

As I mentioned earlier, human history is the history of the fight against hunger.

Since the body (hormones) has evolved from that fear to the direction of storing fat and energy, it is necessary to alleviate that fear in order to lose weight.

It may be surprising for those who want to diet, but it’s also a good idea to have a few days a week to eat more than you currently have (this is for those who have already had some success with dietary restrictions). This is my advice! Don’t overeat!).

By regularly providing opportunities to eat a little more, you usually practice

“Healthy eating habits”

If your body realizes that it is not due to starvation, you may begin to lose weight.

On the other hand, most of the weight lost due to a sudden fast will rebound as soon as you return to your original diet.

If you don’t practice improving your eating habits with content that can be continued for a long time, it will not be effective.

Should I do aerobic exercise to lose a little weight?


That’s a good question!

It goes without saying that aerobic exercise is effective in calorie consumption.

If you like running, cycling, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc., please work on it.

On the contrary, if you don’t like it very much, don’t overdo it.

Even if you don’t do aerobic exercise for a long time, you can burn calories efficiently by doing a high-intensity (slightly tight) workout.

Exercises such as those recorded in Runtastic’s fitness app “Results” work on multiple muscle groups at the same time to efficiently train the whole body and burn body fat and calories. Rather than intensively performing exercises that are said to be effective for partial thinning, it is possible to maximize the results (results!) In a short time by mixing a wide variety of exercises and performing interval training such as the Tabata method. increase. You can also incorporate running into your kintore menu. It’s important that you and your body don’t get bored with the same movements and stimuli of the same workout. It is important to constantly give new stimuli.

I’ve already mentioned rebounds, but in most cases the weight you’ve lost in a few days, even a few kilograms, will quickly recover. If it’s bad, you may gain more weight than before. In the end, it’s better to be able to tackle any aspect of your health and sports, not just your diet, over the long term and achieve gradual results. It doesn’t make sense to restore your weight because you get tired of it with a little result and you don’t do it for a while. I think the same can be said for hobbies and challenges other than work, relationships, and exercise. Even a little effort is unlikely to lead to results. Exactly “Hurry up”. Take the time to take on the challenge of enjoying the process and learning a lot. When it comes to dieting, the focus tends to be on results, but it is important to change your lifestyle and way of thinking by reviewing your exercise and eating habits for your diet. Even if you fast temporarily and stare at the scale, it doesn’t make sense for your whole life. Enjoy long-term challenges and congratulate yourself on your efforts at each milestone!

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