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I want to take care of my dry skin! For moisturizing and clean skin

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If a person who used to have normal skin becomes dry, they may suffer from the fact that normal care does not improve the dryness. It is important to continue proper skin care based on the cause of dry skin. Here, we will introduce in detail the causes and countermeasures for dry skin and the points of whole body care.

What happens to dry skin?

To properly treat dry skin, let’s first take a closer look at the causes and mechanisms.

Disturbance of turnover

Turnover is a phenomenon in which new skin cells that have risen from deep inside the skin are replaced with old skin cells. Turnover helps keep the skin hydrated by keeping the outermost stratum corneum healthy. However, if the turnover is disturbed, the healthy stratum corneum that keeps the skin moisturized cannot be maintained and becomes dry.

Decrease in the amount of moisturizing ingredients (ceramide, NMF, sebum)

The outermost stratum corneum of the skin has a structure in which ceramide (intercellular lipid) fills the gaps between the stacked stratum corneum cells. By maintaining this structure, the skin can be kept moist. NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) contained in the cells of the stratum corneum and the sebaceous membrane on the surface of the stratum corneum also prevent the evaporation of water from the skin. Therefore, when the amount of ceramide, NMF, and sebaceous membrane decreases, the skin loses moisture and becomes dry skin.

Disorders in lifestyle such as lack of sleep and nutrition

If sleep deprivation reduces growth hormone secretion or lacks the nutrients needed to make the skin, turnover will not work properly. As a result, the healthy stratum corneum cannot be maintained and the skin’s moisture is more likely to evaporate.

If you have a night owl or an unbalanced diet, try to improve your life regularly.

External factors such as ultraviolet rays, dust, and mites

Inflammation may occur when the skin is irritated by UV rays, dust, mites, etc. When inflammation occurs, the skin loses water and becomes dry easily. If you go out in the middle of summer without UV protection, or if your room isn’t cleaned enough, you’re likely to suffer from dry skin due to external factors.

Skin care procedures to prevent dry skin

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Daily skin care is very important to prevent dry skin. Review not only cleansing and washing, but also moisturizing care. Let’s take a closer look at skin care procedures to prevent dry skin.

Cleansing, washing your face

Carefully wash off your makeup with cleansing before washing your face. Some cosmetics can be removed just by washing your face, but basically cleansing is required. Use oil cleansing, which has high detergency, for point makeup, and use milk type or cream type to remove other parts.

When washing your face, lather the cleanser well and wash the entire face gently and carefully. When rinsing, use lukewarm water so as not to remove excess sebum. If bubbles remain on the skin, the area may become dry, so rinse thoroughly. Then gently wipe off the water droplets on your face with a soft towel.


Moisturize as soon as possible after washing your face. Over time, the skin loses moisture and dries.

For moisturizing care, first moisturize the skin with a lotion. Soak the lotion spread on your hands so that it covers your entire face. At this time, if you hit it with your hand or cotton, your skin will be damaged, so be careful. Gently apply to your skin.


Next, use a beauty essence that suits your skin problems. If you are concerned about dry skin, we recommend a beauty essence containing ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. Spread it on your hands and apply it to your entire face, just like a lotion.


Emulsion is a moisturizing cosmetic that supports the role of sebum and can replenish the skin with oil. Adjust the amount to be applied in areas where sebum is a concern, such as the T zone and U zone, and in other areas.


If you are concerned about dryness even after applying the milky lotion, apply cream on top of it. However, if you apply it to areas where you are concerned about sebum, it will be sticky, so be sure to check the areas where you should apply it.

Points for people with dry skin to take care of the whole body

For people with dry skin, not only the face but also the body tends to dry, so it is important to review the care of the whole body. Let’s take a closer look at the points when people with dry skin take care of their whole body.

Don’t rub too much when washing your body

Rubbing with a nylon towel when washing your body will damage your skin. People with dry skin will suffer even more damage due to their reduced barrier function. The barrier function is further reduced, making it easier for skin problems to occur.

It is important to wash your body gently and carefully with a soft towel.

Do not rub too much when wiping with a towel

When you wipe your body after bathing, do not rub it. The skin may be damaged or water may be lost. However, there may be some people who rub it by being conscious of wiping it firmly.

A towel with excellent water absorption can remove water droplets without trying to wipe it firmly. It is also important to choose a towel that feels good on your skin. 100% cotton towels tend to feel good on the skin, but it depends on the product, so please check it by actually touching it.

Choose a body soap that doesn’t remove too much sebum

People with dry skin have reduced sebum secretion, so be careful not to wash away the sebum too much. Use a body soap that is not too clean and leave a moderate amount of sebum.

Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing

After bathing, wipe your body and apply a moisturizer immediately. It is important to apply a moisturizer before drying your hair, as the skin loses moisture over time. A body cream that is easy on the skin can quickly moisturize the whole body.


If you have dry skin, review cleansing, face washing and moisturizing care to keep your skin moisturized. If your skin becomes dry due to changes in your constitution, not only your face but also your body will become dry easily, so it is important to review how to wash and wipe your body and moisturizing care. Let’s restore healthy skin by paying attention to careful skin care and improving lifestyle habits.

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