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It also relieves menopausal symptoms and has a beautiful skin effect! What is a female ally “equol”?

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Soy isoflavone works similar to the female hormone estrogen, and is attracting attention as a nutrient that helps alleviate menopausal symptoms and reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.

Furthermore, it has become clear that daidzein, a type of soy isoflavone, produces a substance called “equol,” which has a stronger effect in the intestines. Introducing the effects of equol and the characteristics of people who can produce it. (* 1)

Five expected effects of equol

1. 1. Relief of menopausal symptoms

Since equol works like estrogen, it is expected to be effective in preventing and improving menopausal symptoms. It has also been reported that people who can make equol in their bodies tend to have strong menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. (* 1) (* 2)

2. Reduced incidence of osteoporosis

After menopause, women are more prone to osteoporosis due to bone loss because of the depletion of estrogen, which promotes the formation of new bone and suppresses the destruction of old bone. However, it has been reported that continued intake of soy isoflavones suppressed the decrease in bone density, and the effect was stronger in those who could make equol. (* 1) (* 3)

3. 3. Preventing lifestyle-related diseases

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Among those who ate soy products, it has been reported that the more people who can make equol in the intestine, the lower the risk of bad cholesterol (LDL), blood sugar level (HbA1c), and arteriosclerosis (CAVI), and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. The effect is expected. (* 2)

Four. Beautiful skin effect

When the amount of estrogen that promotes collagen production is reduced, the elasticity and firmness of the skin are lost, and wrinkles and sagging are more likely to occur. It is expected that equol, which acts like estrogen, will improve these.

Five. Lower the risk of breast cancer

Excessive estrogen secretion is said to increase the risk of breast cancer. When there is too much estrogen, equol is thought to bind to the estrogen receptor first, suppressing its excessive action and preventing canceration. (※Four)

Characteristics of people who can produce equol

Equol is produced by the action of intestinal bacteria (equol-producing bacteria) from “daidzein,” a type of soy isoflavone contained in soy products.

One in two to three Japanese have equol-producing bacteria. Moreover, there are reports that more people can produce it in the elderly than in the young, indicating that it may be affected by their diet. The eating habits commonly found in people who can produce equol are: (* 1)

・ Eat soy products every day ・
High energy ratio from carbohydrates (not a high-fat diet)
・Eat enough fiber from vegetables・Eat enough
blue fish containing omega 3 fatty acids
・ Drink green tea

The intestinal environment does not change overnight, and daily accumulation is important. It is also said that the diet from weaning to childhood has a great effect on the intestinal environment. To effectively benefit from soy isoflavones, try to eat a balanced diet over the long term.

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