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Loss if you don’t know! Foods that help burn fat

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Do you feel that your basal metabolism declines as you get older, and that you somehow feel that it is difficult to get rid of it and that fat is likely to accumulate? Good news for such people! Here are some foods that help you burn fat. Let’s incorporate it into the meal from tomorrow!

Eat meat well

People tend to think, “If you eat meat, you will increase fat !?”, but the proteins (amino acids) contained in meat make all the tissues of the body and are constantly metabolized.
Therefore, if you do not supplement it properly with a diet, it will be insufficient and it will cause the protein in the muscle to be decomposed.
And when you lose muscle, your basal metabolism goes down.

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Also, depending on the type of meat, it contains nutrients that help burn fat. Let’s see what kind of nutrients it contains.

Beef, lamb

Lean beef and lamb contain a nutrient called “carnitine,” which is expected to have the effect of promoting fat burning.
In addition, lean meat is rich in protein and low in fat. For beef, try to eat lean thighs and fillets instead of ribs, loin, and sirloin.


Pork is a food that is very high in vitamin B 1 .
Vitamin B 1 is a vitamin closely related to energy metabolism. No matter how much calorie restriction you have, if you are deficient in vitamin B 1 , the metabolic cycle will not run smoothly and you will not feel the effect.

Avoid fatty foods such as roses and loin, and choose parts such as fins and peaches to eat.

Even fish help burn fat

It is beginning to be understood that oils such as DHA and EPA contained in fish promote the increase of “brown fat cells” that are closely related to fat burning and promote fat burning *.

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* Source: Fish oil intake induces UCP1 upregulation in brown and white adipose tissue via the sympathetic nervous system

Other than that, DHA and EPA can be expected to be effective in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood, and are fatty acids necessary for the body. It is relatively abundant in fish, especially Iwashi, mackerel, and saury.
For those who tend to eat only meat, it’s a good idea to be aware that you can also eat fish.

With brown rice and millet power, the staple food is also on your side!

Promote fat burning and prevent accumulation by devising daily “changing white rice to brown rice”, “try adding millet (millet, Japanese millet, wheat, black rice, etc.) to white rice” and “choose soba over udon”. Can be expected.

Brown rice and millet are rich in vitamin B 1 that smoothes energy metabolism . It also contains a lot of dietary fiber that slows down the absorption of sugar. If you eat too much staple food, it will be stored as fat, but you can control the amount and smooth the energy metabolism by incorporating brown rice and millet.

For hydration, use an appropriate amount of green tea

Tea catechins are said to help burn fat.
It has almost no calories, so it is suitable for daily hydration. However, it also contains a lot of caffeine, so be careful not to drink too much if you have high blood pressure or if you have a medical condition.

Also, drinking after eating a high-calorie food does not mean that you did not have the calories you ingested. You can expect the effect after adjusting the calorie control and dietary balance.

Let’s take in spices well

Some spices such as ginger and red pepper stimulate and activate the sympathetic nerves. By stimulating the sympathetic nerves, brown fat cells, which are deeply involved in fat burning, are also stimulated, and fat burning is promoted.
Add red pepper to your soup, add ginger to your tea or miso soup, or add some extra effort to your regular diet.


There are many foods that promote fat burning, but eating them alone does not burn fat. It is an effect obtained after a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise.

First of all, let’s review your usual diet and exercise. In addition, if you can actively exercise and increase muscle mass, basal metabolism will increase and fat burning will increase.

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