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It amazes me how many people sign a lengthy contract without taking the time to read it. Often, they
ask the person they are signing the contract with, “Is there anything important I need to read through?”
Think about how ridiculous that is. The other party in your contract has an incentive for you to sign a
contract that is advantageous to him or her. Please understand that most people aren’t trying to
mislead you or rip you off. However, there will be a very few who will do so.
Even if the contract is straightforward, it makes sense to understand what you are signing. Take the
time to read and understand everything in a contract prior to signing it. You are bound by everything
you sign. You cannot go back a year later and say, “Oh, I didn’t see that” or “I didn’t understand it.”
Make appropriate changes to a contract and have both yourself and the other party initial the changes.
In addition, as I’ve said before, make sure to keep your contracts in an appropriate file.
The most important contracts you will sign are mortgage contracts, rental/leasing contracts,
automobile loan contracts, and employment contracts. If you have any questions on these significant
contracts, you should have an attorney look at them.
I guarantee that by reading and fully understanding every contract you sign, at some juncture you will
avoid a critical mistake that would have cost you thousands of dollars.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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