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Secrets To Serene Sleep

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Sleep deprivation is a form of torture that is effective at not only making a
person miserable, but it was used heavily on prisoners of war because it’s very
good at doing another thing – reducing willpower.
So do you think if a person lacks sleep and therefore willpower they might be
more prone to give into junk food cravings?
The answer of course is YES! But that’s only scratching the surface. Let’s look
at many of the reasons why sleep is kind of a big deal.
Lack of sleep can cause junk food binging.

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Why Sleepy People Reach for Junk Food

Lack of sleep slows metabolism and increases cortisol which can lead to weight
Lack of sleep depresses the immune system making sickness more likely.
Lack of sleep is associated with increases in depression.
Sleep is necessary to grow brain cells and establish new learning.
I point a few of the many reasons why sleep is critical because some people feel
like sleep is the one thing they can afford to sacrifice, and yet it may be one of
the most fundamental things for a healthy body, healthy relationships, and an
overall happy life. Probably not things you want to give up, right?
For anyone who doesn’t want to be overweight, sick, depressed, weak, dumbed
down, more prone to accidents and injuries, miserable, and die at a younger age,
here are some tips you can do to maximize your sleep and enjoy a happy and fit
The first and most critical thing to mention is to sleep grounded. I thought about
making an entire section on the health benefits of grounding (earthing) alone.
What grounding does is allows you to absorb negatively charged free electrons.
These electrons act as antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and will normalize
circadian rhythms effectively balancing cortisol levels. Grounding is also
associated with significant pain reduction. The body is electrical as well as
chemical, and it’s been speculated all the electronic devices in modern times can
throw off the body’s electrical systems. Grounding prevents electromagnetic
radiation (which comes from computers, cell phones, and other electronic
devices) from negatively affecting the body. It is quite possibly the “missing
link” to good health. See the book “Earthing” by Clinton Ober and Steven
Sinatra (
Discovery/dp/1591202833 and Inexpensive
grounding mats may be purchased to sleep on at
http:/ I suggest simply purchasing the
“Universal Mat,” and using it both during the day and sleeping on it at bedtime
which is what I do.
Magnesium deficiency is extremely common and leads to insomnia. I suggest
using magnesium oil or 500 mg of chelated magnesium daily as well as foods
rich in magnesium like nuts and seeds.
Reduce exposure to artificial light and stimulating things like computers and
TVs before bed. You can run a free program on your computer called f.lux
which will effectively dim computer screens to match the background
environment and helps prevent the screen from keeping you awake. Get it at Inexpensive glasses can be worn for nighttime TV
watching that block out blue spectrum light so you can still watch TV without
disrupting melatonin production. See:
SCT-Orange-Anti-Fog/dp/B000USRG90. Dim bedroom lights if
possible. Wear a sleeping mask if needed. Make sure windows are covered to
prevent excess sun exposure or light exposure if an issue in the mornings.
Reading or meditation is a good way to wind down. Foam ear plugs help if
there’s a lot of noise.
Valerian, Passion Flower, and Chamomile help to calm the nerves and relax.
Try making one of these as an herbal tea or take a quality extract. 5-htp, ltheanine,
and melatonin or a high quality supplement like “Sleep Wizard”
( may also help

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