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Self-reliance in science and technology but How

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There is no denying the fact that the countries of the world which are advanced in terms of science and technology are far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of economic and social development. He nurtured “scientific attitudes” in the country and accomplished in the field of science and technology that the world is stunned. According to the latest “Global Innovation Index”, China ranks twelfth in the world, while China is the only middle-income country among the top 15 countries in the world. Includes developed income countries.

 Whatever aspect of technology is mentioned in the world today, you will see China in a prominent position. The main reason for this is that the top leadership of the country is taking personal interest in advancing science and technology. Recently, an article by Chinese President Xi Jinxing was published in which he spoke in detail about making China a leading country in science and technology and strengthening its self-reliance and high level of science and technology.

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 The article emphasizes the importance of science and technology in the best interests of the people and emphasizes the need to develop modern cutting-edge technologies, promote economic growth, meet the country’s vital needs, and ensure the well-being of the people. I should be used efficiently. The article said that China should achieve innovation and breakthrough in basic technologies in key areas, scientific and technological innovations should be used to address urgent and critical issues.

 In this regard, national laboratories, research institutes, colleges and leading tech firms should fulfill their responsibilities under institutional cooperation for enhancing the country’s strategic scientific and technological capability and innovation. The article goes on to say that institutional reform must move forward to establish a basic system that supports innovation. China must move forward in planning its scientific and technological innovations from a global perspective and participate deeply in global scientific and technological governance.

 There is no denying the fact that self-reliance in the field of technology has become the desire of every country in the present times, and in this regard China has devised a far-reaching plan to make itself a hub of innovation and innovation in the world. Under which, by 2035, China will be able to emerge as a global innovation leader. As the world’s second-largest economy, China has a number of key strategies for advancing in technology, including artificial intelligence, quantum information, integrated circuits, life and health, brain sciences, aerospace, science and technology, and geological and marine exploration. Will complete projects?

 China, meanwhile, has vowed to pursue self-reliance in science and technology, and to focus on high-quality development throughout the process. “I will improve and intensify my efforts to turn the country into a scientific and technological powerhouse. China’s position is that not all the major technologies in the world can be purchased at this time, so innovation and creativity. Self-reliance is the key to lasting success.

 But this does not mean that development will be pursued in isolation from the rest of the world, but that the process of learning from the major achievements and advances made in the field of science in other parts of the world will continue. ” The Chinese wisdom will play a positive and constructive role in overcoming global problems. China seeks to move forward by harmonizing new emerging industries and green development. Such industries include New Generation Information Technology, Biotechnology, New Energy, New Materials, Products, New Energy Powered Vehicles, Environmental Protection, Aerospace and Maritime Industries.

 China’s development plan focuses on deeply integrating the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with other industries, promoting modern industrialization, and giving priority to emerging industries in the sustainable development process. Give and encourage new technologies, new products, new business models and new types of business.

 Introduce a series of measures to harmonize nature and material development that would enable a “green economic and social development” as a whole. We have always supported open, participatory and mutually beneficial exchanges and cooperation with the world, which can benefit even close friends of China like Pakistan.

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