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Six Pack Secrets

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One of the biggest questions someone like myself gets is “how do I get a six
The brutally honest answer is that six pack abs have almost nothing to do with
how you train them. It’s all about having low body fat which is most commonly
a result of the diet. A six pack has very little to do with building, strengthing, or
“toning” the abdominals, although those things can help make them pop out a
little more. A person can do virtually no direct ab training and still have a ripped
six pack as a result of low body fat and the abs being stimulated by other
exercises like squats and overhead press.
The next question would be, “how do I get rid of stubborn stomach fat?”
The answer, once again, is a good diet. But the caveat here is that if a person is
lean everywhere else but they store stubborn fat on the stomach, it may be a sign
of excess cortisol. This is taken care of by the stress reduction tips provided
earlier in the guide as well as my recommendation for Ashwagandha and getting
grounded through an earthing mat (
While it’s possible that direct abdominal training could lead to increased blood
flow to the abdominal area and potentially result in some minor spot reduction, I
wouldn’t bank on this making all that much of a difference.
Even though many people are overstressed, chances are if a person has too much
belly fat, it likely is just a matter of them not being lean enough in general. It
takes being very lean to have a visible six pack. And people sometimes kid
themselves when estimating their body fat percentage.
With that out of the way, are there better or worse ways to train the abs for
improved performance and appearance?
Of course, and it starts with dropping all the countless crunches and sit-ups. A)
They’re not going to get you a six pack and B) there are better exercises for the
It also means understanding that your abs work to stabilize your torso more than
they function to move it. Finally, the abdominal muscles often work with the
glutes, hip flexors, and lower back to provide optimal core functioning.
Strengthening the abs while neglecting the glutes for instance is not a wise idea.
Here are my top picks for the best ab and core exercises:
Planks and Side Planks:
Lying Leg Raises: Tip: Keep
your lower back pushed into the ground to increase tension on the abs.
Hanging Leg Raises:
Bird Dog:
Ab Wheel Rollouts:

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